Attorneys' Assignments

Office of Attorney General Assignments to Western Washington University

This sheet guides WWU administrative staff in seeking legal counsel and to AGO staff as to which staff may seek assistance through the assigned attorneys. When you email a question, please only send it to the AAG assigned to you.

Kerena Higgins, Assistant Attorney General - 360-650-2040 or 360-676-2047
Rob Olson, Assistant Attorney General - 360-650-2050 or 360-676-2195
Jennifer Sloan, WWU Assistant to Assistant Attorneys General - 360-650-3117
Thomas Knoll, Assistant Attorney General, Labor & Personnel Division, Olympia 360-664-4167

Business & Financial Affairs cont. Student Business Office Bob Putich Higgins Risk Management Paul Mueller Leishman/Higgins Assistant VP, Human Resources Chyerl Wolfe-Lee Leishman Staff Discipl Arbitration and ULPs Lea Aune, Assoc Director Knoll Payroll Manager / Garnishments Sarah Crawford Higgins Budget Office Linda Teater Leishman Budget & Policy Analyst Kirk England Leishman Public Safety/Police Darin Rasmussen Leishman Parking Services Julia Gassman Higgins Environmental Health & Safety Sue Sullivan Leishman L&I Claims Bruce Boyer Higgins Facilities Management Director John Furman Higgins Facilities Development & Capital Budget Rick Benner Higgins Asst Director - Facilities Dev. Ed Simpson Higgins Asst Director - Capital Budget Diana Rosen Higgins SR VP for Enrollment & Student Services Eileen Coughlin Leishman Special Assistant Sara Wilson Leishman Assistant Vice President Kunle Ojikutu Leishman Assistant Vice President Clara Capron Leishman Registrar/Disability Res Svc David Brunnemer Leishman/Higgins Student Records/Subpoenas Marcia Merth Leishman/Higgins Veteran's/Waivers Wendy Gegenhuber Leishman Counseling Center Shari Robinson Leishman Student Health Center Emily Gibson Leishman Budget Linda Beckman Leishman Bookstore Manager Peg Godwin Higgins Dean of Students Ted Pratt Leishman Assoc. Dean/Dir of Outreach Svc. Renee Collins Leishman Asst. Dean of Students Michael Sledge Leishman Assoc Dean Stdnt Engmt/Dir VU Eric Alexander Higgins University Residences Leonard Jones Leishman Admissions Clara Capron Leishman New Student Svc/Family Outreach Vacant Higgins Financial Aid Clara Capron Leishman Ward of the Court Verification Heather Burton Higgins Athletics Steve Card Leishman Prevention and Wellness Elva Munro Higgins Campus Recreation Max Bronsema Higgins Academic & Career Development Svc Tina Loudon Higgins VP for University Relations & Community Development Steve Swan Leishman Associate VP/Director of Gov't Relations Becca Kenna-Schenk Leishman University Communications Paul Cocke Leishman/Higgins Web Communications Technology Marie Raney Leishman Small Business Dev. Center Jennifer Shelton Higgins VP for University Advancement Stephanie Bowers Leishman Chief Operations Officer Mark Brovak Leishman VP Development/Leadership Giving Tim Szymanowski Leishman Sr Director, University Advancement Mark Bagley Leishman Sr Director, University Advancement and Alumni Assoc Exec Director Deborah DeWees Leishman

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