AUAP Policies

AUAP students come to WWU as representatives from Asia University and have agreed to follow certain policies during their study abroad.  AUAP students are well aware of the policies and the consequences of breaking them.  We list them here so that you can support them in their efforts to have a safe and successful AUAP experience.


AU Water Policy

All outdoor water (sea, ocean, lake, pond, river, etc.) activities, including swimming, sailing, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and small boat riding are prohibited.

    • One exception to rule #2 is that students are permitted to ride a large commercial boat such as a cruise ship or sightseeing boat.

    • Outdoor ice-skating on a lake, river, pond, etc. is prohibited. Ice skating on an indoor ice rink is permitted.

    • Swimming in a pool where a certified lifeguard is present is permitted.


Driving Policy

Driving motor vehicles is strictly prohibited for AUAP participants throughout the program.  If there are special circumstances in which a student needs to drive, they must submit in advance to Asia University a Driving Consent Form signed by their guarantor as well as proof of insurance.  Students who are in violation of this policy will be repatriated (sent immediately back to Japan) and/or lose their AUAP credits even if the violation is discovered at a later date.  Please do not let an AUAP student drive your car.


Insurance Policy

All AUAP students are covered by comprehensive medical insurance policies.  These policies cover illness, accidents, and emergency room visits.  In the event that your roommate is ill or injured while you are off campus and requires a visit to the ER, remember that they are carrying their green insurance cards, which cover their care.

Prohibited Activities

Injury resulting from the following activities is not covered under the AUAP students’ insurance policy and is therefore prohibited for students during AUAP.

  •  All natural (outdoor) rock climbing.  (Only rock climbing on man-made climbing walls is permitted).
  • Shooting guns (Including rifle ranges)
  • Bungee jumping

  • All activities not covered by travel insurance: mountain climbing, luge & bobsled, piloting small aircraft, skydiving, hang gliding, and flying in or piloting any type of ultralight aircraft



In case of an emergency involving an AUAP student please call 911 and then call the AUAP emergency contact number at (360) 305-7862. 


Drugs, Underage Drinking, and Other Illegal Activities

Some college students in the U.S. may feel that offering a drink or a joint is a good way to be sociable and make friends.  However, offering illegal substances to AUAP students puts their continued participation in the AUAP program at risk.


AUAP students who are caught participating in illegal activities (drugs, underage drinking, etc ) will receive a warning letter.


When a student receives their second warning letter of any kind – poor attendance, getting written up repeatedly in a residence hall, underage drinking- they will be repatriated (sent immediately back to Japan) and loose all credit for the AUAP program. 


*If an AUAP student is caught using illegal drugs or having them in their possession, that student will be sent back to Japan immediately and be expelled from Asia University.