The Benefits of Having an AUAP Roommate


1. Share many fun activities together.  Even the simplest things mean a lot, because everything is brand new.  Try to see your world through fresh eyes and gain a new appreciation of life.


2. Experience a different part of the world without leaving your room!


3. Learn cross-cultural communication skills that employers find invaluable in today’s job market


4. Become more aware of what’s happening on campus and in Bellingham.  Your roommate receives activity calendars every week highlighting campus, community, and hall events!


5. Laugh together at the funny things with happen in communicating with each other.


6. Become a better listener, which will help you improve future relationships in your workplace, with your friends , and your significant other.


7. Gain the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone learn about America who will tell their friends and family about you, and increase international goodwill between our countries.


8. Note your intercultural roommate experience on your resume for future employers to see


9. Build a life-long friendship and a chance to visit Japan as an honored guest!


10. Learn more about yourself and your own country.  You never truly know about yourself, your language, or your own culture until you have learned about another . . .