AUAP Classroom Volunteers

How YOU can get involved with English classes for Japanese students!


What is a Classroom Volunteer?

Classroom volunteers assist in English classes for AUAP students allowing them to practice English with native speakers.  It also gives both AUAP and WWU students a chance to meet new people and make new friends! 


Facts about the AUAP program

There are typically 20 Japanese students in each class.  AUAP students take classes in:

1.  Functions (conversation skills)

2.  American Studies (discussion about culture)

3.  Integrated English Skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar)

4.  Career and Business Exploration (understanding careers/personal interests, practicing job search/interview skills)


What WWU students are saying

Having volunteered in AUAP classes for two years, I can't imagine my life without this incredible program. I met so many amazing people, both American and Japanese, through and it's opened up my life to so many new opportunities. If you're unsure about whether you want to volunteer or not, give it a try! It'll change your life!


                  -Kelly Wyatt, former AUAP classroom volunteer


What to expect

Classroom volunteers work with a small group of AUAP students on vocabulary and pronunciation.  Necessary materials and guidance are provided by the AUAP instructor.  Commitments range from 1 to 15 hours per week.  AUAP classes are held throughout the day in 50 minute periods; they conveniently fit within WWU's class schedule. 


What AUAP students are saying

“In AUAP classes you can always ask questions because volunteers come to our classes.  I made friends with the volunteers.  They helped with my homework and helped to improve my English."

                  -Kohei, former AUAP student


How can I get involved?                                     

Follow these 5 easy steps to become a classroom volunteer!

Step 1: Go to enroll in to the Canvas course: AUAP Classroom Volunteer

Step 2: Read the volunteer guidelines

Step 3: Take the volunteer intake quiz

Step 4: Sign up for a class

Step 5: Start volunteering and have fun!



More Questions?

Feel free to contact us at:

Asia University America Program

College Hall 236, WWU

Bellingham, WA  98225-9111

Phone: (360) 650-6236