Campus Friends Program

What is the Campus Friends Program?

The Campus Friends Program has been designed to help AUAP students meet other students at WWU, to introduce AUAP students to American culture, and to give AUAP students an ongoing opportunity to practice their English conversation skills.   

Volunteering with the Campus Friends Program is a great opportunity for WWU students.  Through volunteering, WWU students learn about Japanese culture, make an international friend, and have the opportunity to view their own culture from an outside perspective.   Volunteering with the Campus Friends Program is a great way to get involved on campus, serve the campus community, and gain firsthand experience working with an English language learner.

The Campus Friends Program matches one AUAP student with one WWU student for the duration of one AUAP cycle (5 months).  Campus Friends meet for the first time at the Campus Friends Gathering which occurs bi-annually in October and March.  After the initial meeting campus friends are on their own to schedule future meetings.  Campus Friends are expected to spend at least one hour together each week. 


What is the Campus Friends Gathering?

The Campus Friends Gathering is a one-time event held at the beginning of each AUAP cycle.  The specific date and time are noted on the AUAP program calendar.  AUAP students and WWU volunteers are introduced for the first time at the gathering. 

Typically, WWU students arrive at the gathering about 45 minutes before AUAP students.  WWU students check in, find their seats and participate in a brief orientation session.  As AUAP students arrive they are introduced to their campus friends.  The remaining time at the gathering is spent getting to know each other by talking, playing simple games, preparing and eating ice cream sundaes, exchanging contact information and setting up a time for the first meeting together.


What kinds of activities do Campus Friends do together?

Campus Friends typically engage in a wide range of activities.  The kind of activities they do together depend greatly on their interests and the amount of time they spend together.  Due to certain AUAP polices and insurance limitations there are some activities that are prohibited for campus friends.   Please see the list of AUAP Policies for more information. 

Common activities include eating meals in the university dining areas, eating off campus at a restaurant, going to a coffee shop, visiting one another in their residence, playing sports, doing crafts, taking walks, cooking, watching movies and playing games.  AUAP students are interested in learning about the daily life of WWU students, so many of the activities that WWU students do as a part of their daily life (shopping, eating, working out at the rec. center. . .) will be enjoyable for an AUAP campus friend. 


How much time should I spend with my Campus Friend?

Campus Friends commit to spending at least one hour a week together.  However, spending more than one hour is encouraged.


How can I apply to be a Campus Friend?

If you would like to volunteer as a Campus Friend, please send an email to with “Campus Friends Application” as your subject line. Your email message should include answers to the following questions: 

1. Your first and last name

2. Your phone number

3. Your mailing address

4. Your year in college and your major

5. Your interests and hobbies (we will use this to match you with an AUAP student that has similar interests)

6.  Have you read the document Actions Which May Call for Dismissal from a Volunteer Position with AUAP?  Actions mentioned in the document are referred to as prohibited activities.

7.  Do you agree not to take part in prohibited activities in the presence of AUAP students while serving as an AUAP volunteer? 


When will I know if my application is accepted?

The Campus Friends Coordinator will reply to your email to confirm receipt of your application and to let you know the date and time of the next Campus Friends Gathering.  (Depending on the date of your application you may need to wait a few months until the next gathering.)   Please put the date of the gathering tentatively on your calendar. 

Once all applications have been received they will be reviewed and you will be notified as to whether or not we were able to match you with a Campus Friend.   You will also receive a reminder email with details about the gathering.