Christopher  Bianco, D.M.A.                                             


                                    Director of Bands

                                    Coordinator of Winds and Percussion

                                    Assistant Professor of Music

                                    Western Washington University

                                    516 High Street PAC

                                    Studio 60

                                    Bellingham, WA 98225-9107





Curriculum Vitae





2001-2004                                The University of Texas at Austin                                  

                                    Doctor of Musical Arts,  Wind Conducting.

                                                      Austin, TX


1996-1998                                The University of Montana                                             

                                    Master of Music, Trumpet Performance.

                                                      Missoula, MT


1990-1994                                Northwestern University                                                 

                                    Bachelor of Music Education.

                                    Evanston, IL




Current                         Symphonic Band 272

Academic                     Basic Conducting 351

Year:                              Instrumental Conducting 352

WWU                         Advanced Instrumental Conducting 354B

                                    Secondary Instrumental Methods 464

                                    Practicum 469 

                                    Wind Symphony 472,572

                                    Instrumental Conducting 501

                                    Individual Instruction Advanced Conducting 519






Creative Activity:


Invited Performances

Selection by peer review

media adjudication:




March 21, 2008              College Band Directors National                                               

                                    Association West/Northwest

                                    Division Conference

                                    Western Washington University Wind Symphony

                                    Christopher Bianco, conductor

                                    Eugene Zoro, soloist

                                    Nightingale Hall

                                    Reno, NV







February 17, 2008          Washington Music Educators Association                    

                                    State Conference

                                    Western Washington University Wind Symphony

                                    Christopher Bianco, conductor

                                    Eugene Zoro, soloist

                                    Yakima, WA




Invited Conference




February 13, 2009          41st Biennial MENC Northwest Division Conference            

                                    Lecture Presentation

                                    Repertoire:  The Life Cycle from Conception to Performance

                                    Spokane Convention Center

                                    Spokane, WA


January 15, 2009            Ohio Music Education Association                     

                                    Professional Development Conference            

                                    Lecture Presentation

                                    Feeding the Artist Within

                                    Columbus, OH



February 17, 2008          Washington Music Educators Association                    

                                    State Conference                

                                    Lecture Presentation

                                    Feeding the Artist Within

                                    Yakima Convention Center

                                    Yakima, WA





March 30, 2006              College Band Directors National Association             

                                    Southwest Division Conference

                                    Lecture Presentation

                                    A Bach Borrowing by Grantham:

                                    Another Frontier

                                    Baylor University, Waco, TX



Invited Festivals                                                                             

as clinician or

guest conductor


April 20-24, 2009                Vancouver Kiwanis Concert Band Festival                  

                                    Douglas College

                                    New Westminster, BC Canada

                                    Brenda Sleightholme, organizer


March 25, 2009                     Auburn Region High School Band Festival                 

                                    Auburn, WA

                                    Meghan Wagner, organizer


March 7, 2009                       Valley Region High School Band Festival                   

                                    Puyallup, WA

                                    Eric Ryan, organizer


January 21-23, 2009           West Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association      

                                    Region Honor Band

                                    Canon Center

                                    Memphis, TN

                                    David Chipman, organizer           


June 16-20, 2008                    International Music Camp                                                           

                                    International Peace Garden

                                    Manitoba-North Dakota

                                    Tim Wollenzein, organizer


June 7, 2008                             Vashon High School                                                          

                                    On-Campus Clinic


May 30, 2008                         Nathan Hale High School                                                

                                    On-Campus Clinic

                                    Bud Jackson, organizer


May 29, 2008                         Bethel Band Festival                                                          

                                    Bethel, WA

                                    Michael Sanders organizer


May 12-16, 2008                                    Alberta Festival of Bands                                                 

                                    Red Deer, Alberta

                                    Neil Corlett, organizer


May, 10, 2008                        Graham-Kapowsin Band Festival                                   

                                    Graham, WA

                                    Paul Baines, organizer


April 19, 2008                       Bellingham Music Club Scholarship                             


                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    John Reay, organizer


April 9, 2008                         Point Grey High School (BC)                                          

                                    On-Campus Clinic

                                    Carol Comfort, director


March 25-26, 2008              CMEA Region Band Festival                                           

                                    Olympia, WA

                                    Scott Pierson, organizer


March 24, 2008                     SKMEA Region Band Festival                                        

                                    Edmonds, WA

                                    Scott Barnes, organizer


March 20, 2008   `                 McQueen High School                                                                                                                  

                                    Reno, NV

                                    Bill Moffit, director


March 17, 2008                     Bellingham High School                                                  

                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    Matt Cole, director


March 7, 2008                       Puyallup High School                                                       

                                    Puyallup, WA

                                    Eric Ryan, director


February 26, 2008               Squalicum High School                                        

                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    Kay Reilly, director


February 4-5, 2008             University of Washington Band Festival                      

                                    Seattle, WA

                                    Tim Salzman, organizer


December 17, 2007              Bellingham High School                                                  

                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    Matt Cole, director


November 1, 2007               Lake Washington District Honor Band                         

                                    Kirkland, WA

                                    Mariko Lane, organizer


June 26-27, 2007        Eastern Washington University                                      

                                    Summer Reading Clinic

                                    Cheney, WA

                                    Patrick Winters, organizer


May 17, 2007                         Lake Washington H.S.                                                       

                                    Kirkland, WA

                                    on-campus clinic

                                    John Logan, director


May 5, 2007                            SJMEA Jr. Honor Band                                                     

                                    Mt. Baker, WA

                                    Nick Strobel, organizer


May 2, 2007                            Highline High School                                                       

                                    Scott Babcock, director

                                    On Campus Clinic


April 27, 2007                       Kenmore Junior High School                                          

                                    On-Campus Clinic                          

                                    Debbie Montague, director


April 21, 2007                       Bellingham Music Club Scholarship                 


                                    Bellingham, WA


April 11-12, 2007          District III Concert Band Festival                                  

                                    Boise, ID

                                    Phil Hartman, organizer


March 28, 2007                     Bellevue Christian High School                                     

                                    On Campus Clinic

                                    Hillary Seaton, director


March 27, 2007                     East Shore II Concert Band Festival                               

                                    Bellevue, WA

                                    Phil Donley, organizer


March 26, 2007                     Meridian Middle School                                      

                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    Sandy Rogers, director


March 22, 2007               SKMEA Band Festival                                                       

                                    Edmonds, WA

                                    Jake Bergevin, organizer


March 10, 2007                     Bellingham Music History Day                                      

                                    Patricia Lundquist, organizer

                                    Bellingham, WA


March 8, 2007                       East Shore I Band Festival                                                

                                    Bellevue, WA

                                    Scott Backus, organizer


March 7, 2007                       North Olympic Band Festival                                         

                                    Port Angeles, WA   

                                    Doug Gailey, organizer


March 3, 2007                       Second Annual Florida Atlantic                                      

                                    University Concert Band Festival

                                    Boca Raton, FL

                                    Kyle Prescott, organizer


February 27, 2007               Bellevue Christian High School                                     

                                    Bellevue, WA

                                    Hillary Seaton, director


February 27, 2007               Puyallup High School                                                       

                                    Puyallup, WA

                                    Eric Ryan, director


February 26, 2007               Auburn High School                                                               

                                    Auburn, WA

                                    Scott Fry, director


February 26, 2007               Cascade High School                                                         

                                    Everett, WA

                                    Patty Baugh, Director


February 14, 2007               Bothell High School                                                          

                                    Bothell, WA

                                    Kevin Clayton, director


January 30, 2007                  Sedro Wooley High School                                             

                                    Sedro Wooley, WA

                                    Brad Hendry, director


January 29, 2006                  Bellingham High School                                                  

                                    Bellingham, WA

                                    Matt Cole, director


December 6, 2006                Mercer Island High School                                  

                                    Mercer Island, WA

                                    Parker Bixby, director


November 6, 2006          SJMEA High School Honor Band                                   

                                    Blaine, WA

                                    Robert Gray, organizer


October 25, 2006                  Washington Wind Symphony                                         

                                    Redmond, WA

                                    Michael Fay, Board of Directors


March 31, 2006                     College Band Directors National Association             

                                    Southwest Division Conference

                                    Baylor University, Waco, TX

                                    Conference Performance, guest conductor

                                    Kevin Sedatole, organizer


February 28, 2005               The University of Montana Band Festival                    

                                    Missoula, MT

                                    Steve Bolstad, organizer


February 10, 2005          The University of Memphis High School                     

                                    Honor Band Festival

                                    Memphis, TN

                                    Kraig Williams, organizer







February 25, 2004               College Band Directors National Association             

                                    Southwest Division Conference

                                    TCU University, Fort Worth, TX

                                    Conference Performance, guest conductor

                                    Bobby Francis, organizer






Book Chapters:


            Bianco, Christopher (2009).  Different Voices: Rick Kirby                               

            In Richard Miles (Ed.), Teaching Music through Performance in Band                                        

            Vol. 7  (pp.).  Chicago, IL: GIA  Publications Inc.


            Bianco, Christopher (2007).  Dancing at Stonehenge: Anthony Suter.                                   

            In Richard Miles (Ed.), Teaching Music through Performance in Band                                        

            Vol. 6  (pp. 330-338).  Chicago, IL: GIA  Publications Inc.


            Bianco, Christopher (2004).  Serenade Romantique: Joseph Turrin.                                      

            In Richard Miles (Ed.), Teaching Music through Performance in Band

            Vol. 5  (pp. 264-272).  Chicago, IL: GIA  Publications Inc.                     









2007-2008                   Music Graduate Committee

                                    Music Scholarship Committee

                                    Music Education Committee

                                    Music Publicity Committee


2006-2007                   Music Graduate Committee

                                    Music Scholarship Committee






2008                            Discovery Days

2008                            Summerstart            

2008                            Western Preview

2007                            Created the Viking Band

2007                            Summerstart

2007                            Talitha Carleton Scholarship Committee

2006                            Guest lecturer for WWU CMENC 





2008                            Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB)

                                    Passing Score Review Conference

2008                            President Elect of San Juan Music Educators Association                     




Previous Positions:





2003-2006                                Baylor University School of Music- Waco, TX

                                    Assistant Director of Bands    

                                                      Undergraduate Conducting   

                                                      Conductor, Concert Band

                                                      Assistant Director, Golden Wave Band

                                                      Director, Courtside Players

                                                      Conductor, Faculty Contemporary Music Ensemble (2004)

                                                      Supervise Student Teachers


2001-2003                                The University of Texas at Austin-  Austin, TX

                                    Graduate Teaching Assistant                                    

                                                      Conductor, University Concert Band

                                                      Guest Conductor, Wind Ensemble

                                                      Guest Conductor, Symphony Band

                                                      Assist with conducting classes, Longhorn Band

                                                      Basketball Band, Dallas Wind Symphony                                                                                   


1999-2001                                St. Francis Public High School-  St. Francis, MN

                                    Director of Bands

                                    Director, Symphonic Wind Ensemble

                                                      Director, Concert Band

                                                      Director, Marching Band

                                                      Director, Jazz Ensemble I

                                                      Assistant, Sophomore Band

                                                      Assistant, Freshman Band

                                                      St. Francis High School is a rural school with a student

                                                      population of 1800 students.


1998-1999                                Boise High School-  Boise, ID

                                    Director of Bands

                                    Director, Boise High School Concert Band

                                                      Director, Boise High Jazz Band

                                                      Director, Boise High “Big Red Marching Band”

                                                      Director, Boise Basketball Pep-Band

                                                      Director, All City Jazz Band

                                                      Boise High School is an inner city school with a

                                                      student population of 1200 students


1998-1999                                Boise East Jr. High School -  Boise, ID

                                    Director, 8th and 9th Grade Band

                                    Co-Director, 7th Grade Band (team teaching)                          


1996-1998                     The University of Montana- Missoula, MT

                                    Graduate Assistant

                                    Director, UM Basketball Band

                                                      Assistant Director, University Concert Band 

                                                      Assistant Director,  Big Sky Winds Marching Band

                                                      Guest Conductor,  Symphonic Wind Ensemble

                                                      Teaching Assistant, Upper Division Wind Conducting

                                                      Trumpet Instructor, Non-major Trumpet students

                                                      Assisted Director of Bands in all aspects of Band program

                                                      These duties included repertoire selection, planning of tours,

                                                      equipment management and festivals.  Active in Western Montana

                                                       as a clinician and adjudicator for public  school band programs


1994-1996                                Libertyville Community High School- Libertyville, IL

                                    Associate Band Director

                                    Director, Symphonic Band

                                                      Director, Concert Band

                                                      Director, Jazz Ensemble II

                                                      Co-Director, Freshman Band

                                                      Co-Director, LHS Marching Wildcats

                                                      Assistant Director, Symphonic Wind Ensemble

                                                      Assistant Director Symphony Orchestra

                                                      Assistant Director String Orchestra

                                                      Assistant Director, Freshman Choir

                                                      Taught AP Music Theory and Jazz Studies

                                                      Band Department was featured in the Chicago Tribune as  an

                                                      example of an outstanding  high school music program

                                                      LHS was winner of Illinois State  Music Title in 1995

                                                      Wind Ensemble performed at the Midwest International

                                                      Band and Orchestra Clinic in 1998


1995-1996                                Wilmette Community Band-  Wilmette, IL

                                    Conductor and Music Director

                                    Director for community ensemble of approximately 50 members.

                                                      Performed throughout the Northshore Chicago area


1993                                            Northwestern University-  Evanston, IL

                                    National High School Summer Institute


                                    Served as Brass Ensemble coach for nationally renowned 

                                                      music institute

                                                      Conducted faculty ensembles


1991-1992                                Centerville High School-  Centerville, OH

                                    High Brass Coach

                                                      Summer brass coach for 1992 Bands of America

                                                      Grand National Marching Band Champions

                                                      “Centerville Jazz”