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For most colleges and universities, the vast majority of people studying, living and working at our schools, and participating in our programs, are considered adults under the law. Yet most of our schools have significant interaction with children and offer various academic, artistic and athletic programs that cater to these younger students. Because of an increased legal, moral, and social duty owed to children, they pose a particularly sensitive oversight challenge and increase in responsibility.

Check back frequently. This is a developing and iterative process and materials can and will change periodically.

Leadership Group

A group of University stakeholders has been assembled to review existing and develop new policies and procedures to protect children in programs at Western, and to review policies and training programs for reporting known or suspected abuse of children. The Children at Western Leadership Group will develop University-wide approaches to satisfy these goals in three phases.

Approved Policies and Procedures

*Draft* Policies and Procedures

The polices and procedures for phase two and phase three are still being developed by Human Resources and Public Safety. They will become available for draft review at a later date.

Reference Information

A Canvas Course is available to department heads or their delegates to ensure that their programs are implemented in a way that complies with state regulations and University policy. To enroll please e-mail Paul Mueller.

Assessing (your Program)
Documenting (and Registering)
Western policies


For assistance in applying these materials to your program, please e-mail Paul Mueller or call 360-650-3065.


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