Risk Management - Accidents/Claims

Accidental Injury/Illness Reporting

All injuries to employees, students or visitors, regardless of severity must be reported to the University. Complete the WWU Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness Report within 24 hours. This is a multi-purpose WWU Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness Report.

Please be advised that Washington State law requires that a worker immediatelyreport any on-the-job injury to his or her employer (RCW 51.28.010).

Vehicle Accident/Incident Reporting

University drivers must report any accident or incident involving a University vehicle (rented, borrowed or owned) regardless of the circumstances or amount of damage. Reporting such activity involves completing the following procedures and SF 137 report by the driver and his/her supervisor.

Vehicle Accident Procedures

State Form SF 137- Vehicle Accident Report

Tort Liability Claims

Accidents or incidents that may give rise to claims or lawsuits against the University, including employees, agents or volunteers (per RCW 51.12), must be reported as soon as possible to Paul Mueller at (360) 650-3065 or paul.mueller@wwu.edu.

The Standard Tort Claim Form Packet is available online and is used for both general liability and auto liability claims. The packet includes a notice sheet explaining applicable laws, a state claim form SF 210, a medical release, and a vehicle collision form for tort claims involving a vehicle collision. Standard Tort Claim forms cannot be submitted electronically (via e-mail or fax). They must be completed, signed and mailed as instructed.

Reporting Loss of University Funds or Property

University policy POL U5950.19 - Reporting Loss of University Funds or Property - outlines the state and University requirements for individuals who suspect or have knowledge of a loss to University funds or property. A loss results in the unauthorized taking of University (public or non-public) funds or property or other illegal activity. The step-by-step procedures for reporting such losses are outlined in University procedure PRO U5950.19A - Reporting Loss of University Funds or Property.

If you have any questions about reporting a loss, contact Western's Internal Auditor at (360) 650-3435, University Police at (360) 650-3555 or Risk Management at (360) 650-3065.

Loss to Student’s Property

Western assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any property owned by students. Students may have coverage under the following:

  1. Homeowner’s Insurance: Students may have insurance under a parent/guardian’s homeowners insurance, so we suggest contacting the parent/guardian to find out.  Submit a claim under that policy.
  2. Renter’s Insurance: Students may maintain their own renter’s insurance policy. Submit a claim under that insurance policy.
  3. Student Personal Property Insurance:  Information on optional student personal property insurance program is available on the University Residences website. There are various programs. If students have purchased a Student Personal Property Insurance, they should submit a claim under that policy.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Mueller at (360) 650-3065 or paul.mueller@wwu.edu.

Loss to Employee’s Property

Western assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any property owned by an employee. Employees who bring their own property to work should ensure that adequate insurance coverage is available under their renter or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Other Claim Procedures

Field Trip Insurance

Student Medical Malpractice Insurance

WWU Student Health Insurance Plan

Athletic Excess Accident Insurance


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