Risk Management - Basic Driver Safety Program

Supervisors of Drivers


"Supervisors" for this purpose are described as faculty or staff responsible for authorizing drivers and the use of vehicles on behalf of Western for official state business. It is understood that individuals with this authority may or may not meet the state's technical definition of "supervisor" per WAC 251-01-395. This authority may be delegated by the expected supervisor to another individual within a department, but delegation does not remove accountability.

It is recommended that supervisors of drivers become familiar with the following:

  1. Supervisor’s Responsibilities for Drivers - This is an overview of your responsibilities.
  2. Basic Driver Safety Program - With your authorization, drivers may complete the program on their own, or you may choose to assist your drivers with completion of the program in a classroom setting or one-on-one.
  3. Large Passenger Van Training - Arrange for drivers of 12-passenger van to enroll in this program.
  4. Specified Drivers - Additional requirements for employee drivers who drive very frequently (high mileage) or have been involved in one or more at-fault accidents/incidents while driving a University/state vehicle on official university business. 

Official State Documents for supervisors reference

State Enterprise Wide Transportation Policies 
State SAAM Chapter 10 - Travel

Page Updated 11.22.2017