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An internal control program is the integration of the activities, plans, attitudes, policies, and efforts of the people of an organization working together to provide reasonable assurance that the organization will achieve its objectives and mission.

Western Washington University is entrusted with substantial resources and all personnel are seen as playing a key role in assuring that high standards of business and ethical practices are established and maintained while performing activities surrounding the custody and use of these resources.

While University management is responsible for implementing a system of internal control, every employee is responsible for following and applying these practices. Policies and procedures may seem unattractive by themselves, but taken as a whole, they can have a positive and significant impact on the University’s operations and achievements.

The purpose of Western’s Internal Control Program is to assist management, faculty and staff in their stewardship role in achieving the University’s objectives. It also serves to provide guidance for basic and consistent business controls throughout the University and to define our responsibilities for managing them.

Western's Internal Control Responsibility and Accountability Matrix

Internal Control Information

Overview of Internal Control

Avoiding Fraud

Avoiding Identity Theft

Avoiding Smartphone ID Theft

Confidential Records Shredding Service

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Budget Authority Toolkit

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Ethics in the Workplace

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