Accommodating Persons With Disabilities Policy


Effective: June 9, 2009

Western is committed to supporting employees and job applicants with disabilities.  Those in need of an accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment, selection and/or employment process are encouraged to utilize the information below.  Those needing an accommodation to participate in a WWU sponsored public event are to contact the Equal Opportunity Office.  Students needing an accommodation for academic purposes are to contact Disability Resources for Students



POLICYS            Accommodating Persons with Disabilities --                           POL-U1600.03


PROCEDURE       Requesting an Employee Disability Accommodation                  PRO-U1600.03A

PROCEDURE       Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation -Job Applicants-       PRO-U1600.03B

PROCEDURE       Requesting Classroom Accommodation by Faculty                   PRO-U1600.03C


FORMS              Reasonable Accommodation Request Form                             FRM-U1600.03A

FORMS              Medical Certification for Reasonable Accommodations              FRM-U1600.03B


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Human Rights Commission - State

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Applicable Laws

Washington Law Against Discrimination

Americans With Disabilities Act - Federal



Mika Greathouse

Disability Administrator

Ph: 360.650.3771

Confidential Fax: 360.788.0071


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