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Thank you for visiting Business and Financial Affairs’ (BFA) strategic planning website. Our mission is to serve Western in its core mission and strategic plan through the delivery of excellent services. 

We have finished the division’s strategic planning process, thanks to many important contributions from across all of BFA’s staff. Every BFA team member was given the opportunity to share their ideas through departmental SCOT analyses and town hall work sessions, helping to connect what they do with the University’s aspirational goals. 

BFA’s 2019-2025 Strategic Plan was developed from the SCOT analyses, with the goal of doing our part for Western’s 2025 vision. We are grateful to the many people across our division for contributing to this plan, and look forward its implementation over the coming years.


Rich Van Den Hul, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs
Brian Sullivan, Associate Vice President
Chyerl Wolfe-Lee, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Rick Benner, Director, Facilities Development and Capital Budget / University Architect
John Furman, Director, Facilities Management
Darin Rasmussen, Director, Public Safety / Chief of Police
Sue Sullivan, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Linda Teater, Director, Budget Office


Old Main during spring

The BFA Leadership team approved the final Mission/Vision/Strategic Priorities in February of 2019. Below is a copy of the document, as well as highlights of the priorities and the divisional SCOT presented to UPRC in late February, 2019.

BFA’s Strategic Plan

BFA’s 2019-2025 Strategic Plan provides the ways the departments and the entire division will address the strategic priorities for BFA. Below is the plan, as well as an overview of the divisional and departmental initiatives, with links to the supporting documents.

Implementation Planning

Planning is underway across all BFA departments, and the entire division. There are four BFA initiatives that are shared by all departments: Growth, Communications, Diversity and Inclusion, and Empowerment. Advisory committees, comprised of people from all levels and departments of BFA, are being established. If you are interested in applying to serve on the committee, please complete the form below.

Below are the draft charters for these committees, which sets out what the purpose of the committees are and how they will operate:

Input for 2019-2025

The aim of BFA’s strategic planning process was to be as thorough, inclusive, and efficient as possible. Managers and Directors were invited to a ½ day retreat in October to kick off the process, and to start to generate ideas for the SCOT (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats) assessment. All departments then worked with their staff, getting input on their SCOT assessments, and helping to connect what people do with the wider aspirational goals of the University. The process continued with work sessions with Rich Van Den Hul, where all BFA staff were invited; the staff input helped inform the departmental and divisional 2019-25 strategic plans. All staff are being invited to follow-up sessions with Rich, to hear about these plans.

Below are links to the draft and final BFA and departmental SCOT assessments, as well as the work from the October Manager/Director retreat.

BFA Strategic Plan Archive

Strategic Planning 2015-2016


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