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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting Business & Financial Affair's (BFA) strategic planning webpage. Essentially, BFA's mission is to serve Western and its core mission and strategic plan with best-in-class services. BFA's strategic planning documents and other reference information is shown below.


Richard Van Den Hul,
Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs

BFA Strategic Planning Documents

The following BFA Strategic Planning documents formulate the management strategies for the division and its departments:

2015 Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives - approved February 19, 2015

2015 SCOT Assessment - approved February 19, 2015

Six-Year Plan and Initiatives (By Department) - approved June 22, 2015

Departmental Responses to Key Listening Session "Challenges"


Reference Information

  1. BFA Organizational Chart
  2. Strategic Plan Review and Renewal Process - Overview
  3. Strategic Plan Review and Renewal Process - Timeline
  4. University's Planning Information (Office of the Provost)
  5. Budget Planning Information (The Budget Office)
  6. BFA 2015-17 Proposed Operating Budget(The Budget Office)


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