Student Research

Undergraduate Student Biomechanics-Related Research Projects

Kali Tupper, 2011: Is four weeks enough to improve balance and mobility function of older adults who are already physically active?  Abstract Submitted to the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, 2011. 

Tiphanie Raffegeau, 2010: Exploring Aging in Thailand & India: Physical Function in Urban & Rural Settings, Presentation made as part of WWU Scholar’s Week, 2010.

Graduate Student Biomechanics-Related Master’s Theses

Alex Harrison, 2011: Postactivation potentiation: predictors in NCAA Division II varsity track and field power athletes.

Kevin Cronin, 2010: The effects of training status and exercise intensity on plyometric exercise volume.

Jason Dudley, 2010: The interrater and intrarater reliability of the functional movement screen.

Laura Grambo, 2010: Heavy elastic vs. white tape : the effect of ankle taping on ankle range of motion.

Carl Newton, 2010: Effects of fatigue on muscle activation and shock attenuation during barefoot running.

Matt Sweeny, 2010: Comparison of linear and daily undulating periodization in resistance training using simple measures of overreaching.

Liza Teichler, 2010: The relationship between bat velocity, upper and lower extremity power and the rotational kinetic chain in NCAA Division II softball players.

Benjamin Brock, 2008: Effects of high and low velocity eccentric muscle actions on caloric expenditure and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Wren McLaughlin, 2007: Exercise on an elliptical trainer: a lower extremity kinematic and kinetic comparison of ramp settings.

Rachelle Bouma, 2006: Effectiveness of elliptical training on an anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation exercise program.

Andrew Lawson, 2006: A kinematic and kinetic analysis of the forces and torques on the knee joint by the elliptical trainer at three ramp settings.

Zaida Fune-Polk, 2005: Effect of high resistance weight training on anthropometric measures in older adults.

Deborah Henrichs, 2005: A biomechanical comparison of ground reaction force and wrist hyperextension during the front and back handspring in gymnastics.

Bethany Frazier, 2004: The effect of high resistance weight training on reported pain in older adults.

Melissa Hardin, 2004: The effect of a modified implement training protocol on throwing velocity.

Bethany Pendergrast, 2004: The effect of high resistance weight training on reported pain in older adults.

Ryan Rodriguez, 2004: Comparison of quadriceps femoris muscle activity on an elliptical cross trainer and a treadmill in patients with patellofemoral pain.

Katrina Vogel, 2003: Lower extremity strength difference between college-aged and mature adult women.

Rebecca Olin, 2002: Effects of a progressive, pedometer-monitored walking program on the health and function of inactive older adults.

David Suprak, 2002: The effect of unilateral resistance training on cross-education in the untrained limb.

Mike Bahn, 2001: A kinematic and electromyographic study of the slide-board stride.

Shari-Rae Miller, 2001: The effect of aerobic shoe wear on the kinetic parameters of a grapevine maneuver.

Ben Stern, 2001: The effect of age on isokinetic strength of the lower extremity.

Nicole Niemann-Carr, 2000: Effects of resistance training on the ground reaction forces during gait termination in older adults.

Christina Marshall, 1999: Biomechanical characteristics of the healthy and ACL-reconstructed female knee.

Joe Bolewicz, 1998: Kinematic characteristics of wheelchair propulsion techniques used by paraplegic individuals.

Movakel Sargizi, 1998: Effects of high resistance weight training on sit to stand ability in older adults.

Christine Backmann, 1997: The effect of treadmill compliance and foot type on electromyography of selected lower extremity muscles during running.

Brian Bosworth, 1997: The effect of forearm position on electromyography of the elbow flexors during rowing.

John Turney, 1997: The effect of different high resistance training protocols on strength improvements.

Katherine Gunter, 1996: Effects of heavy resistance training on overground walking and stairclimbing ability in mature adults.

Robert Hastings, 1996: The effect of bilateral versus unilateral resistance training on antagonist coactivation.

Debra Cummings-Whittaker, 1993: The relationship between flexibility and selected physical and muscular endurance measurements.

Kevin Giboney, 1993: Strength training and accuracy in golf.

Tony Pechthalt, 1993: Comparison of three methods of ankle stabilization.

Cari Campbell, 1992: The effect of patellofemoral pain on isometric knee extension torque.

Dan Donahue, 1992: The effects of different weight training programs on quadricep electromyography activity and endurance during cycle ergometry.

Alfred Price, 1992: The relationship between upper extremity strength and bat velocity of professional baseball players.

Kevin Quinn, 1991: The relationship between physical characteristics and the relative height of a plyometric depth jump.

Chris Hartmann, 1990: Predicting the performance of female college vollyball players.

Jim Hosek, 1990: The Effect of speed training on reaction time in junior college baseball players.

Virginia Marshall-Frye, 1990: The effects of two types of training programs on hip range of motion.

Michael Oesch, 1990: Biomechanical and physiological alterations of running.

Brad Peterson, 1990: The effect of the vastus medialis muscle on knee extension and patella position.

Vauhn Wittman, 1989: Biomechanical analysis of the overarm and sidearm throw.

Kim Brown, 1988: The effect of maternal lumbar curvature on fetal position.

Arne Engevik, 1988: The effects of prolonged low to moderate intensity (passive) static stretching upon the attainment of greater flexibility.

Philip Schot, 1986: A biomechanical analysis of four sprint start positions.

Steve Swanson, 1985: The short-term effects of two different strength training methods on muscular development.

Wayne Colman, 1971: A cinematographical study of the correlation between body lean and speed of seventh grade boys during a thirty-yard segment of a seventy-yard sprint.

Douglas McClary, 1969: A comparison of weight training and conditioning exercises in the development of upper-arm and shoulder-girdle strength of tenth grade boys.

John Stark, 1969: A study to determine the effect of two hand grips and hand size on accuracy and distance in throwing a forward pass with a football.

Donald Huston, 1967: The effect of weight vests on the jumping performance, agility, and endurance of college basketball players.

Robert Payne, 1967: An experimental study designed to measure the effectiveness of two different sprint start positions used by eighth grade boys.

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