Philosophy of Religion

There are many excellent resources for further study in the philosophy of religion - what follows is just a subset.  Each of the books listed have additional suggestions for further reading on the topics they discuss.

Below, you will also find two free online encyclopedias with dozens of articles regarding the philosophy of religion.

Introductory textbooks

These are monographs intended for those who are new to the discipline.

Introductory anthologies

These are collections of essays and excerpts from both classical and contemporary primary sources.

Companions and handbooks

Listed below are collections of essays that are slightly more advanced than introductory textbooks but a rich resource for further study.

Free online encyclopedia articles

A search of “religion” on either one of these sites will give access to over 500 articles on philosophy of religion, the problem of evil, Christian theology, faith, the epistemology of religion, religious diversity, pragmatic arguments and belief in God, religion and morality.


Other online resources

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