About BPRI

The Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI) is a multi-disciplinary research institute at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. The BPRI focuses on research that informs policy-makers on matters related to the Canada - U.S. border. Priority focus areas are trade and transportation, economics, environment, immigration, and border security. The University established the BPRI to further a mission of promoting research, teaching, and public programming on critical policy issues affecting the Pacific Northwest.


Laurie Trautman

Laurie Trautman, Ph.D.


Office: Canada House 201

Phone: 360-650-2642

E-mail: Laurie.Trautman@wwu.edu

Natalie Baloy

Natalie Baloy, Ph.D.

Assistant Director

Office: Canada House 202

Phone: 360-650-4871

E-mail: Natalie.Baloy@wwu.edu

Don Alper

Don Alper, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

E-mail: Don.Alper@wwu.edu

Chuck Hart

Chuck Hart

Program Manager

Office: Canada House

Phone: 360-650-3728

E-mail: Chuck.Hart@wwu.edu

Ruth Musonda

Ruth Musonda

Program Assistant

Office: Canada House

Phone: 360-650-4675

E-mail: Ruth.Musonda@wwu.edu

Mary Moeller

Mary Moeller

Research Assistant

Office: Canada House 206

Phone: 360-650-7248

E-mail: mary.lynne.moeller@gmail.com

Visiting Fellows

Bruno Dupeyron

2014 - Bruno Dupeyron, Ph.D.

Dr. Dupeyron is an Associate Professor at the University of Regina. He is the recipient of the Fulbright Canada-CN Scholar Award and will reside at Western while completing his Fulbright research project, "The Regulation of Mobility and Security in the Context of Globalization: A Comparative Analysis of Canada-US and US-Mexico Borderlands."

Hugh Conroy

2011 - Hugh Conroy, M.P.P.

Hugh Conroy is Planning Director at the Whatcom Council of Governments and facilitator of the binational IMTC forum. He completed a project titled "Advancing US-Canada Border Transportation Planning and Programming." Download his report.

Margaret Stock

2009 - Margaret Stock, J.D.

Dr. Stock is an attorney at Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC. She is also a 2013 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, as well as the 2013 Immigration Law Professor of the Year. At the BPRI she pursued research pertaining to Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBETS).

Victor Konrad

2009 - Victor Konrad, Ph.D.

Dr. Konrad is an Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University, as well as past President of the Association of Borderlands Studies. While at the BPRI Dr. Konrad completed research culminating in a report titled "'Breaking Points,' but No 'Broken' Border: Stakeholders Evaluate Border Issues in the Pacific Northwest Region." Download his report.

Anneliese Vance-Sherman

2008 - Anneliese Vance-Sherman, Ph.D.

Dr. Vance-Sherman is a Regional Labor Economist for the Washington State Employment Security Department. As a fellow at the BPRI she completed research culminating in the report "Crossing Bridges: Observations and Strategies by Cross-Border Business Communities in an Evolving Regulatory Environment." Download her report.

Ben Muller

2008 - Ben Muller, Ph.D.

Dr. Muller is an Associate Professor at the Centre for American Studies at the University of Western Ontario. As fellow at the BPRI, he completed research on risk management, biometrics, and border security in the Vancouver-Seattle corridor, culminating in a paper titled "Governing through Risk at the Canada/US Border: Liberty, Security, Technology." Download his report.

Contact Us

  • Border Policy Research Institute
  • Canada House, MS 9110
  • 516 High Street
  • Bellingham WA 98225-9110 USA

Advisory Board

The BPRI benefits from the guidance provided by an External Advisory Board. The Board's principal functions are to help identify areas of research needs, to provide guidance on the applicability of research findings to policy makers at the local, regional and national levels, and to foster linkages with other organizations and stakeholders involved in transportation, mobility, trade, environmental, and security issues related to the Canada-US border. The Board also assists in identifying funding and other resources necessary to implement the goals of the BPRI. Members of the Board represent a wide range of groups and stakeholders involved in Canada-US border issues in and outside the Pacific Northwest.

Greg Boos

Mr. Boos is an immigration attorney and a partner in the law firm Chang & Boos Attorneys-at-Law.

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Dr. Brunet-Jailly is a professor at the University of Victoria.

Todd Carlson

Mr. Carlson is Assistant Director of the Mt. Baker Region of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Hugh Conroy

Mr. Conroy is Planning Director of the Whatcom Council of Governments and facilitator of the IMTC forum.

Chris Lawless

Mr. Lawless is Chief Economist for the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

Jim Pettinger

Mr. Pettinger is the owner of International Market Access, a facility designed to allow Canadian firms to have a business presence within the U.S.

Glen Okrainetz

Mr. Okrainetz is the manager of the Environmental Quality Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment.