Recent Publications

Suggestions for Improving Cross-Border Mobility and North American Competitiveness

Special Report

On May 15, 2014, the BPRI hosted a conference titled "Beyond NAFTA: Streamlining the Border to Strengthen North American Competitiveness." With two decades of NAFTA behind us, and with the "Beyond the Border" agenda near the end of its phase-one timeline, speakers were asked to produce ideas about what should next be done in order to foster cross-border mobility. This document is a summary of the main suggestions voiced during the event.

Pilot Project: Using RFID to Reduce Border Queues

Border Policy Brief, Vol. 9, No. 2

Lengthy queues still exist at the Cascade Gateway crossings, despite many post-9/11 investments. This article proposes a regional pilot project that would place RFID-enabled passport cards into the hands of about 75,000 Canadians. Various evidence shows that such a pilot would lead to greatly diminished border queues, at a relatively low cost.

The Columbia River Treaty Review: A Synopsis

Border Policy Brief, Vol. 9, No. 1

A regional review of the Columbia River Treaty has been ongoing for over two years, with autumn 2014 the first point at which either party has the option of signaling its intent to terminate the Treaty in 2024. This article provides an overview of the Columbia Basin, the effect of the Treaty, and the stances of regional entities toward the future of the Treaty.



Housed at Western Washington University, the Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI) is a multi-disciplinary institute that undertakes research that informs policy-makers on matters related to the Canada - U.S. border. Priority focus areas are trade and transportation, economics, environment, immigration, and border security. The University established the BPRI to further a mission of promoting research, academic programs, and public programming on critical policy issues affecting the Pacific Northwest. The BPRI works closely with cognate programs at the University and collaborates with many public and private entities within the Pacific Northwest.



July 22, 2014

PNWER's annual summit takes place in Whistler, BC, from July 20 - 24. Laurie Trautman and Don Alper will each speak at the Border Issues session on the afternoon of July 22.

Welcome, Laurie Trautman

July 1, 2014

Laurie Trautman, Ph.D., joined the BPRI as its new Associate Director, replacing David Davidson.


Thesis Fellowship

The BPRI sponsors one or more Thesis Fellows each year. A Fellow receives a full graduate stipend and tuition support for one quarter, as well as $500 to be used toward research supplies or travel. Graduate students enrolled at Western and pursuing thesis research related to the BPRI's mission are eligible to apply. Applications for a fellowship may be submitted at any time.