The BPRI publishes several categories of documents, accessible via the links shown above. In general, the BPRI intends that its publications be widely and freely distributed within the policy community. Unless otherwise noted for a specific document, any publication may be duplicated and distributed in its entirety, with proper acknowledgment.

Working Papers

Canadian Shoppers in Northwest Washington State

August 2013, Working Paper No. 6

Authored by Ian Faulds, Jaymes McClain, Irena Booth, Cynthia Jurado & David Davidson, Western Washington University

Bilateral Cooperation and Bounded Sovereignty in Counter-Terrorism Efforts

November 2009, Working Paper No. 5

Authored by Bidisha Biswas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Western Washington University

Not our borders: Indigenous people and the struggle to maintain shared lives and cultures in post-9/11 North America

January 2009, Working Paper No. 4

Authored by Sara Singleton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Western Washington University

Streamlining of NAFTA Tariffs: Benefits for Washington State

January 2009, Working Paper No. 3

Authored by Aaron Hayman and Paul Storer, Ph.D., Department of Economics, Western Washington University

Governing Through Risk at the Canada/US Border: Liberty, Security, Technology

September 2008, Working Paper No. 2

Authored by Benjamin J. Muller, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow, Border Policy Research Associate

Projecting Washington - British Columbia Truck Freight Border Crossings and Arterial Usage

June 2007, Working Paper No. 1

Authored by Hamilton Galloway, Eric Jessup, Ph.D., and Ken Casavant, Ph.D., Washington State University