Bulk / Standard Mail / Non-Profit

This class of mail is your best option if you mail in volume and plan ahead. Bulk mail rates allow a substantial savings in postage of approximately half the first class rate. You are encouraged to use bulk standard mail to communicate identical information to 200 or more recipients domestically. Standard/bulk mail does not allow personal messages or invoices. The contents need to be identical and not personal. You are encouraged to plan ahead as this class of mail may be economical, but is not appropriate for time sensitive information. This class of mail may take 3-10 days in transit depending of the distance from Bellingham.

WWU qualifies for NON Profit standard postage rates as an educational institution. These reduced rates are subsidized by the federal government for qualifying groups.

No mail house or individual is allowed to submit mailings to the USPS without an authorized signature or pre-arranged permission.

These rates are to be used on WWU business mail ONLY.

Discounted First Class Presort mailings can be mailed in volumes of 500 or more zipped addresses, identical in weight and content for a savings of @.03 each.

  • 200 or more domestically addressed pieces
  • Arranged in zip code order (5 digits only)
  • Void of non-WWU advertising
  • Void of personal information
  • NCOA certificate of update within 95 days of your mailing
  • Submitted to WWU mail service allowing (5-7) days for processing
  • Return address with WWU on the Top line
  • Size requirements met
  • Less than 16 ounces per piece
  • Identical in weight

Quality Address Information

To qualify for discounted postage rates your mailing list must be Move Updated (NCOA) and CASS certified (Cleansed) within 95 days of mailing. (USPS mandate effective 11/23/08)

Mailing lists held and maintained within the departments must be submitted to Mail Services for NCOA and CASS prior to address labeling.

Mail lists submitted electronically for machine labeling by the mail service will be CASS certified and NCOA at the time of mailing.

The value of using electronic files for mailing lists with mail service is that you will receive reduced postage rates, clean addressing, move updates, presorting and possible further discounts with barcodes.

Page Updated 09.28.2012