Welcome to Mail Services

Western’s Mail Service objective is to support the mission of the University. In this support, we recognize the critical nature and influence of communications. Our service is accomplished by ensuring that all "hard copy" communications falling under our care are received and delivered to the appropriate people within the following operating characteristics:

  • TIMELINESS: Mail will be processed and delivered within 24 hours of receipts.
  • DEPENDABILITY: People trust the mail will be processed and delivered without flaw.
  • CONVENIENCE: Service that is suitable and comfortable for customers.
  • EASE: Users access the service with little effort.
  • COURTEOUSNESS: Customers and employees are treated with dignity and respect.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The operation will produce measurable results without waste. Employees are trained. They are treated with respect and dignity and acknowledged as being of substantial worth. They are recognized for their contribution to achieve measurable results in support of the mission.

Our Mission Statement is directed at purpose. It contains measurable activities that are fundamental to achieving our Mission.

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Commissary Building (#33),
Room 119
781 25th St
Bellingham, WA 98225-5996

Contact Information

Phone: 360-650-3770
Fax: 360-650-2818
Mail Stop: 5996
Email: mail.services@wwu.edu

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Page Updated 08.23.2013