How to Prepare Mail for Metering

  • Place your off campus/outgoing mail in your department’s blue bag.

  • Every piece requires a WWU return address including mailstop and/or barcode information.

  • Barcodes - Mail Service has developed a barcoding system to track postage expenses accurately. These barcodes contain mailstop and budget information. Additional self adhesive barcodes are available upon request. If you have multiple budgets operating out of one mailstop, barcodes can be created to accommodate special ongoing funding codes. Occasional funding code information can be tracked with a note on top of that bundle or piece.

  • Containers – Postal containers are available upon request to aid the transportation of large quantities. Trays for letters and Buckets for larger types. A call from your department requesting packaging containers the day before your mail is ready to collect is most effective.

  • Sealing – Letter mail can be sealed at the time of metering. You may submit your letter mail sealed or unsealed.

    Larger envelopes can be sealed at the time of metering if pre-glued.

    Peel off seal, clasp, pressure seal and/or pieces exceeding ¾” in thickness cannot be sealed automatically on the metering equipment. They should be sealed prior to giving them to Mail Services.

    Self Mailers or booklets to international addresses should be placed in a sealed envelope with the country name in capital letters as the bottom line of the address.

  • Facing – Mail sent for metering with all pieces facing the same direction facilitates faster processing.

  • Special Mail Pick Ups are required for:
    • Large mailings that cannot fit in your bag.
    • Parcels that will not fit in the bag.
    • It is not to be used for small quanitites of mail.

    Call x3770 before noon for same day pick up service.

Last Collection boxes are emptied M-F for small amounts of mail. There are 5 boxes located on campus with their pickup times:

1:45pm College Hall (High St door, turn right)
2:30pm Miller Hall, Room 160A
Old Main, 2nd floor
Parks Hall, 2nd floor lobby
Arntzen Hall, 3rd floor sky bridge
3:00pm 333 32nd St, lobby

Last mail of the day goes out at 4:30pm from the Commissary.

Page Updated 09.27.2012