Allowable Purchases


  • Advertisements
  • Audio visual items: use proper account code for Equipment inventory asset tags. Certain suppliers can offer the Epson Bright Program.
  • Books
  • Conference registrations
  • Lab supplies
  • Memberships
  • Music equipment & supplies
  • Prepayments of postage, books, and periodicals
  • Research tools and supplies
  • Subscriptions: for period not in excess of three years
  • Supplies from Contracted Vendors, refer to PCard Mall

Please refer questions to the Purchasing Contact listed below:

Item Purchasing Contact
The following items area allowable providing all University requirements are approved
Appliances: If purchases for use in a lounge per POL-U5348.13 Barbara Lewis
Appliances: If purchases for use in a lounge per POL-U5348.13 Barbara Lewis
Software and Upgrades: must be logged in University log Barbara Lewis
Used Equipment: market competitiveness of pricing must be documents
Used Furniture Barbara Lewis
Brenda Ancheta
Used Appliance, Printing Equipment, Audio Visual Equipment Barbara Lewis
Used Medical & Safety Equipment, Vehicle Research Equipment, Music, Scientific, etc. Barbara Lewis
The following items are allowable if assigned to an approved Chart 2, non-restricted account (Foundation)
Decorative & gift items - awards, flowers, pictures, etc Brenda Ancheta
Food & Beverages Brenda Ancheta
The following items may be purchased with your PCard IF they are purchased from a contracted vendor
Computer & related accessories, computers, hard drives, monitors, etc. Barbara Lewis
Office equpment & accessories Brenda Ancheta
Office & related supplies Brenda Ancheta
Equipment & accessories, fax, printers, scanners, etc. Barbara Lewis
Furniture: Desks, tables, bookcases, files, panels, etc. Barbara Lewis
Ink & toner cartridges Barbara Lewis
Department cell phones Brenda Ancheta
Research tools and supplies Barbara Lewis
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