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Beware of Scams!

Many customers are now receiving calls from outside the USA and CANADA (but still often within the North American Numbering Plan – usually Caribbean) that may involve 2 rings and an immediate hang-up. ‘Fraudsters’ are hoping that the curious recipient of the call will simply dial back the number from Caller ID to see who was trying to reach them.  Unfortunately callers may find that they have 1) incurred a special calling fee and/or 2) enrolled for some type of monthly service. Please ensure that review your bills each month and make care aware of any activity of this type.

Cell carriers along with the DOJ and the State Department are acting quickly to identify these fraudulent exercises and either shut them down or block them BUT it’s an advanced case of ‘whack-a-mole’.

NEVER call back an unknown number PARTICULARLY from an unknown area code.

University Voice/Data Policies

The university has created a new policy Managing Wireless Voice/Data Services to ensure compliance with current IRS requirements. If a wireless voice/data device and service is owned by the University, IRS regulations subject the University and the user to significant compliance requirements. The IRS has been auditing higher education specifically for cell phone/PDA substantiation and several institutions have been required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. You can find more information, including links to related procedures and forms, in Western's Managing Wireless Voice/Data Devices policy.

Departmental Purchases

Upon approval of the Chief Information Officer, departments may purchase wireless devices and service plans for departmental use when operation needs do not necessitate a device to be assigned full time to an individual employee.

Such devices are university property and the department is responsible for the cost and complying with contract obligations of service plans. Use of department wireless device is restricted to university business use only, including security and safety situations.

How do I get started?

Once your Department Head has determined a voice phone is necessary to carry out your department operations and has read the Managing Wireless Voice/Data Devices Policy and Procedures. They will complete the eform FRM-U5400.21B1 and route for approvals including the Chief Information Officer. The Chief Information Officer will make the final determination to approve or not approve your request. If approved, the Department Head will print out the approved form and attach to the Purchase Order.

Two Purchase Orders must be completed, one for the equipment and the other for the monthly billing. For device and plan details, find the section for your desired provider below. The completed Purchase Forms and approved FRM-U5400.21B1 are sent together to the Purchasing Department to place the order with the chosen provider. Delivery of the device will take up to 3-5 days and will ship directly to the address provided on the Purchase Form.

Once the phone has been received, what does the department do?

Department heads must implement internal review procedures to ensure appropriate use of the department wireless devices including auditable documentation. Departments are required to retain records of purchase and use in conformance with the University Records Schedule and retain documents for six years.

Department heads must review wireless device needs at least annually in order to determine whether department owned devices should be maintained, changed, or discontinued.

Department owned cell phones are subject to the new IRS regulations. Department Heads must maintain a Check Out Log for each use of the phone and provide each phone user a Users Call Log that they maintain. Both documents are consider an auditable documentation and must be kept for six years.

See Western's Managing Wireless Voice/Data Devices Policy for complete information.

Reimbursement for Employee Owned Wireless Devices Permitted

Supervisors may approve a reimbursement for a device and accessories only when the official business required of the employee cannot be accommodated by the employee’s current device. Employees will be reimbursed for a device according to the reimbursement limits stated in the Wireless Service Communications Agreement. If the Employee desires a more expensive device and/or accessories for personal reasons, the additional cost is the responsibility of the employee. If the official business use requires 24/7 access to email, employees may be reimbursed for any university fee required for access by Blackberry or other communication devices.

Employees may deduct business related cell phone expenses on their personal income tax returns.

Written Agreement and Approval Required for Allowances/Reimbursements

A completed Wireless Communications Services Agreement between the supervisor, employee and department director or chair (or vice president or President when appropriate) is required prior to the provision of any reimbursement or allowance.

How to process reimbursement payments to employees?

The Services/Reimbursement Form is used for initiating payments to employees. A copy of the approved Wireless Service Communication Agreement, FRM-U5400.21A1 and original receipts from the Vendor, must accompany the Services/Reimbursement Form. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days from incurring the expense.

Completed Services/Reimbursement form must be signed and forwarded to the Purchasing department for review and processing. Upon receipt of a properly completed form, the process to issue a check are within 7-10 business days.

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services - Cell Phones and Service Plans

Individual Purchases

Some cellular carriers offer discounts to employees of Western Washington University for their own personal cellular phone accounts. None of these plans have been negotiated or endorsed by the University and the University is not party to any agreements between university employees and vendors of cellular phone service.

AT&T Mobility College and University Portal site

View devices and plans.

Discounts for Western Employees

To access employee specials for AT&T, please click the link listed above and enter your WWU email address in the "Students and Faculty" box.

You can also visit the AT&T Store at 4291 Meridian St Ste. E-105 (in front of Costco), mention you are from Western Washington University and that your discount foundation account number is 2406476.

Discounts for Western Students

To access student discounts for AT&T, please click the link listed above and enter your WWU email address in the "Students and Faculty" box.

You can also visit the AT&T Store at 4291 Meridian St Ste. E-105 (in front of Costco), mention you are from Western Washington University.

Sprint WWU Employee Value Program

Employee Information

To access employee specials for Sprint, please click the link listed above enter your WWU email address.

You may also call 1-888-457-6294 and ask for the Higher Education Government discount for being a WWU employee.

Note: WWU employees receive 18% off Sprint monthly rates, free shipping, waived activation fees.

View devices here and view plans here.

Call 888-457-6294, or email info@evpdiscount.com for additional details.

T-Mobile WWU Discount Program

Student & Employee Information

To access student and employee specials for T-Mobile, please click the link listed above.

You may also bring your WWU ID to the T-Mobile store at 1315 W. Bakerview Road or to the Mobile Solution store at Bellis Fair Mall.

View devices here and view plans here.

Verizon Wireless Employee Discount Site

To access employee specials for Verizon Wireless, please visit the website listed below. Enter your WWU email address in the "Work Email Address" box.

View devices here and view plans here.

Account Executive:
Tony MacKay
Verizon Wireless
Government Account Executive
425-224-4178 (w)
360-305-6480 (m)

DiscountCell Portal

DiscountCell provides discounts on cell phone and tablet accessories. Use the link above to visit their sales site.

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