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Computers, Supplies, and Accessories

Purchasing and ATUS have summarized the guidelines for the purchases of desktops, laptops, servers, printers and software which explain the rationale for having standards as well as outlining the procedures to buy this equipment.

Guidelines for Acquisition of Computers and Software

The standard configurations for both desktops and laptops are reviewed as the technology advances and the computer suppliers come out with new models.

If after reviewing the Guideline document you feel you need to purchase something which is not within the guidelines, you may submit an Exception Form. This will allow Purchasing and ATUS to review your needs and discuss alternatives.

Computer Supplier Links

Dell Premier Access

If you have a Dell profile/login, click this link, then login and configure your computer.

If you do not have a Dell profile/login, please contact Stacey Maxwell, Andrea Capiola, or Susan Banton to request a Dell Premier login. Please include your name, department, and contact information.

For login problems, please contact Dell Premier, 877-542-3355 ext. 7248335.

For additional information, contact Western's Account Rep, Thomas Bedeian at 1-800-274-7799 ext. 513-9002.


Apple for Higher Education

Under "Shop for your School" follow the steps to find Western Washington University.

For additional information, contact Western's Account Rep, Kathryn Stern at 1-800-800-2775 extension 46043.




HP Computers

Western orders HP computers through CDWG. New users must be associated with WWU’s account in order to do quotes. Send an email to Stacey Maxwell asking to be associated with the account.

For additional information, contact Western's HP Account Rep's, Kelly Boyle at 1-800-727-2472 extension 771-5686 or John Pexton at 425-418-7311.

You can also contact Western's CDWG Account Rep's, Paul Somers at 877-466-0006 or Jason Schwartz at 866-339-7098.

Printer & Scanner Pricing/Information

Hewlett Packard (HP) is the WWU preferred manufacturer for printers, and HP printers are supported by ATUS.

Computer Software

Software purchases are restricted items which regardless of dollar amount may only be purchased through Purchasing or Software Services. Reimbursement using personal funds is not permitted for software purchases. You can find more information about computer software here.

Supplies & Accessories

Most computer accessories are considered restricted items and purchasing either must place the order or give campus personnel prior written approval to buy items. Purchasing has set up two accounts that campus personnel may use to place orders using a Pcard without prior approval. Set up an account with GovConnection and/or CDWG by contacting Stacey Maxwell or Andrea Capiola, after which you may place your order online.

Personal computer Purchases

Some of our contractual agreements allow Faculty, Staff, and Students to purchase computer equipment at a discount.




Employees can take advantage of the Dell EPP (Employee Preferred Pricing) savings by visiting the online store at or by calling 1-866-914-6076. Use Member ID number KS49132827.

Office Supplies

There are several sources you can use for office supplies:

Toner Cartridges

Western departments have the option of purchasing toner cartridges from one of these contracted vendors:

Other Goods

Charter Bus Service
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Telephone Headsets & Amplifiers
Click here to get pricing from the Business Telecom Products web site.
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