Business Services Staff

Pete Heilgeist, Director of Business Services
AC143, MS1420
360-650-3127 (v)

Central Stores Staff

John Zuzarte, Support Services Manager
360-650-2678 (v)

Jack Herring, Central Services Supervisor
360-650-3546 (v)

Gordon Turman, Inventory Inspector
360-650-3566 (v)

Ron Azevedo, Driver
360-739-5742 (cell)

Dominick Garcia, Transport Helper
360-739-5742 (cell)


Contract Administration Staff

Christine DeBondt, Contracts Assistant
AC140G, MS1420
360-650-7731 (v)

Mail Services Staff

Judi Magnuson, Mail Services Manager
360-650-3770 (v)

Kathy Brog, Mail Carrier - Driver
360-650-3770 (v)

Sharon Crawford, Mail Processing Driver
360-739-3770 (v)

Jim Czapiewski, Mail Carrier - Driver
360-739-3770 (v)

Purchasing Staff

Brenda Ancheta, PCard Administrator
AC140H, MS1420
360-650-3561 (v)

Susan Banton, Procurement & Supply Analyst
AC144, MS1420
360-650-2430 (v)

Andrea Capiola, Procurement & Supply Specialist
AC140B, MS1420
360-650-2065 (v)

Debbie Kirkpatrick, Procurement & Supply Specialist
PP303, MS9114
360-650-3426 (v)

Barbara Lewis, Procurement & Supply Specialist
AC145, MS1420
360-650-3068 (v)

Stacey Maxwell, Procurement & Supply Support Specialist
AC140E, MS1420
360-650-3340 (v)

Travel Services

Cole Whited, Program Coordinator
AC114L, MS1420
360-650-3341 (v)

(Erica Dean-Crawford has accepted a new position working for the English department please direct all travel related questions to Cole Whited)


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