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Mailing Address

Business Services, MS1420
Western Washington University
516 High St
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Contact Information

Cole Whited, Travel Services
Phone: 360-650-3341
Fax: 360-650-4431
Email: Travel.Services@wwu.edu

Welcome to Travel Services

Western's Travel Services department advises faculty and staff of Western Washington University how to travel within the confines of Federal, State and University guidelines.

Check out our Current Travel Newsletter (November)!

TEM is Here!

We have started rolling a new, online travel authorization and reimbursement processing system to campus, called the Travel & Expense Management (TEM) module. This roll out will be done campus-wide over several phases, starting in March 2013 and ending in December 2013, with each phase containing a select group of departments or offices. With assistance from Financial Systems and ADMCS, Travel Services will be working with each of these groups to make sure everyone is ready to use TEM prior to their go-live date.

If you have questions about TEM, or if your area is currently using the new TEM system to process or approve travel, please visit our TEM website for things like user guides, training documentation, forms, and general information about TEM.

If you are not using TEM just yet, you can continue to use the regular Travel Services pages for your travel information needs. You can also contact Travel Services at x3341 or via email at Travel.Services@wwu.edu.

Travel Quick Reference

Current Per Diem Rates
City Lodging Meals Notes
Bellingham $83 $46 Breakfast - $11
Lunch - $14
Dinner - $21
Olympia $94 $61 Breakfast - $15
Lunch - $18
Dinner - $28
Portland $113 $66 Breakfast - $16
Lunch - $20
Dinner - $30
Seattle $152 $71 Breakfast - $18
Lunch - $21
Dinner - $32

Current Mileage Rates
  • Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Rate = $.56 / mile
  • Privately Owned Motorcycle Mileage Rate = $.35 / mile

Good Beginnings
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