Account Codes

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This partial list of account codes will assist you when reviewing and approving PCard transactions on PaymentNet. If you do not find an appropriate account code or have a question about account codes, please call the Purchasing Department x3340.

* Denotes a category that is non-taxable

Account Code Titles Acct Description
Advertising Exp* E241 All advertising except HR related.
Automotive Supplies E305 Facilities Management only
Bank Card Fees* E217 "Transaction Fees" paid to credit card companies/banks when accepting bill payments by credit card or debit card.
Books & Pamphlets Exp E112 Books and Pamphlets (non-library)
Clothing/Uniforms/Costumes E257 Clothing/Uniforms/Costumes
Computer Printer Ribs/Cart E117 Printer cartridges, toneR (No cables or accessories)
Contracts-Equipment Maintenance E165 Repair and Maintenance Service Agreements
Convention Fees & Registration Exp * E193 Payment of tuition, fees, and/or other related expenses for attending/conducting training program (does not include lodging or meals unless integrated included in fee).
Copy/Dup Reproduction Exp E172 Reproduction using Copier service
Dues & Memberships Exp* E192 Annual Dues and Memberships - includes renewals
Education & Training Exp* E190 Excluding conference registrations and travel, tuition fees and other training expenses
Education & Training Fees* E191 Education and training fees including registration, workshops, and classes.
Freight/Transport Expense E242 Freight, shipping and handling not included on Invoice
Hand Tools E255 Hand Tools less than $300
Insurance Exp* E220 Liability, property, vehicle, fire, accident and all other forms of insurance other than employee insurance benefits.
Inventoriable/Non-Cap Other Equip* E408 AV, office, classroom and lab equipment, VCRs, typewriters, between $300 and $1000. (Taggable)
Inventory Clearing Account* S463  
Lab Supplies & Materials Exp E115 Lab Supplies, not equipment
Material Maint/Construction E304 Facilities Management only
Materials for Resale/Equip Rentals * E303 Materials for resale
Media Rent/Lease Exp E153 Films, videos or other media type rental/lease
Media Reproduction Exp E174 Reproduction of Video, CD, Audio Tapes, Photos
Medical Supplies E122 Consumable supplies for medical use (non-pharmaceutical)
Merchandise for Resale* E301 The cost of merchandise purchased for resale to University departments and clients or students of the University.
Merchandise Inventories* S440  
Misc Purchased Services Exp E213 Repairs and other services by off campus services required for routine/continuing functions
Office Machines Rent/Lease Exp E152 Typewriter, Calculator, other Office Machine Rental or Lease
Office Supplies & Materials Exp E114 Office Supplies, not equipment
Other Equip E404 Equipment, including Camera and AV accessories, 0-$299. Excludes computer equipment
Other Printing/Repro Exp E178 Reproduction other than above
Parking Signs E121 Parking Signs
Parts/Supply-Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E163 Repairs and Maintenance - Equipment Parts
Pharmaceuticals* E119 Prescription and non-prescription drugs
Postage & Mail Exp* E132 Stamps
Printing/Reproduction Exp E170 Reproduction using printing processor
Profession Lic/Permits/Fees* E194 License and Permits
Purchased Computer Services Expense E216 Computer repairs, database, website construction, not provided by campus support.
Purchased Services Exp E210 Professional services, e.g. design and editing, not provided by campus departments
Receptions/Meetings Exp E243 Room rental and equipment for reception or meetings, excluding food.
Recruitment Advertising Expense* E261 Recruitment Advertising Expense - temporary and full-time employees.
Recycling Charge* E147 Recycling mixed paper, aluminum/tin, glass, plastic, cardboard. Includes shredding fees.
Refuse Disposal Exp* E145 Trash pickup and garbage services (excludes recycling).
Relocation Expenses - Paid Direct* E369 Charges paid directly to vendor for moving expenses
Rentals & Leases Exp E150 Rental or lease of items not covered under E152 or E153.
Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E160 Repairs/Alterations and Maintenance expense
Safety Shoes E256 Safety shoes
Scenery E268 Props supporting stage productions
Software E403 Upgrades only (new software must be purchased by the Purchasing Dept.)
Stage Lighting E269 Stage Lighting
Stage Props E118 Stage Props - Consumable
Student Activities, Field Trips E246 Student Activities, Field Trips
Subscriptions Exp E200 Magazine, Periodicals, Journal subscriptions. Also services providing information reports.
Supplies & Materials E111 Consumable goods and supplies
Vehicle Fuel Exp* E231 Vehicle fuel, usually bulk fuel purchases by Motor Pool.
Vehicle Maintenance Exp E230 Regular service of state owned vehicles. Includes fuel, tires, parts and supplies.
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