Definitions, Roles, & Responsibilities

Approving Official (Approver)

The Approving Official monitors reviews and approves PCard transactions to ensure compliance with PCard policies and procedures.

Budget Authority (BA)

The Budget Authority monitors reviews and approves PCard transaction to ensure compliance with purchase card policies and procedures. The BA may designate the department supervisor in the department to be an Approver and assigns the Guardian of Receipt duties.

Cardholder (CH) of individually assigned card

The Cardholder is the person issued an individually assigned purchase card to make purchases and is the only one authorized to use that card. The CH is responsible for the security of the PCard and the transactions made against the PCard. The CH must notify the bank immediately if the PCard is lost or stolen. The CH reviews and reconcile transactions on the online data system, and annotates description.

Card Custodian of departmentally assigned card

The Card Custodian is the person that administers and controls the use of the department PCard by authorized designated card users within the department. The Card Custodian maintains a current Departmental Purchasing Card Users List/Agreement and Departmental Log Sheet of PCard Transactions. The Card Custodian is the person who can attest to the validity of the PCard charges.

Department Card

A department card is issued bearing the name of the department with no individual name listed. The card is issued to a Card Custodian within the department. In general, a department card should not be signed by an individual. Instead, the Card Custodian should consider writing on the back of the card the words “Request Employee Identification.”

Departmental Log Sheet – PCard Transactions

The Log Sheet is used to track the use of the departmental PCard. The log will contain for each PCard transaction, the name of the user and vendor, date and time PCard was checked out and checked in, dollar amount of the purchase, the purpose of the item purchased and the original receipt of purchase.

Designated Card User

The Designated Card User is the person who is authorized to use the department PCard. It is mandatory that all designated PCard users participate in the PCard online training. The designated card user must submit all supporting documents of the PCard transaction to the Card Custodian.

Financial Manager (FM)

The Financial Manager approves cardholder’s participation in the PCard program and ensures that department personnel comply with state dollar statutes, rules, policies, procedures, guidelines, or contractual agreements. The FM may designate a Budget Authority to monitor all transactions in the online data system.

Guardian of Receipts

The Guardian of Receipts must maintain and file PCard support documents including, receipts, packing slips, printed online orders, copy of order form, invoices, and credit documentation and prepare for scheduled PCard audits.

Individually Assigned Card

An individually assigned PCard, in addition to including the University name, contains the name of the individual cardholder on the PCard. The individual to whom the PCard is assigned should sign the back of the card. This individually assigned PCard cannot be used by anyone other than the person to whom the card has been assigned.

JPMorgan Chase PaymentNet

PaymentNet simplifies transaction management and offers real-time connection to card functionality. Cardholders and administrators can easily navigate in PaymentNet to manage their transactions.

PCard Administrator

The PCard Administrator is responsible for day-to-day operational activities of the university's PCard program. The PCard Administrator accepts all applications from the PCard applicant and submits them to the bank. The PCard Administrator sets up the PCard applicant role in the University online data system used to manage PCard transactions. Card usage will be audited by the PCard Administrator and can be rescinded at any time.

PCard Auditor

The PCard Auditor is responsible for working with department Approvers and Cardholders to assure that receipts and logs are being properly maintained. Assists all PCard users to follow PCard policies, ensuring that they understand their responsibilities and are carrying them out properly.

PCard Review

The action of auditing the Cardholders and Approvers records to ensure that transactions are being properly reviewed on PaymentNet and receipts and documents are being properly maintained. This process assists Cardholders and Approvers in following PCard procedures.

Procurement Card - Purchasing Card

The PCard is a Visa credit card issued by JPMorgan Chase. The PCard includes the employees name embossed on the face of the card. The PCard is a University credit card that delegates small dollar purchasing power to University employees. The PCard can be used any place credit cards are accepted to purchase authorized goods and supplies for the University in accordance with University purchasing policies.


Page Updated 11.22.2017