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Western OneCard Program NEW


Business Services now offers a new OneCard Program to campus departments. Cardholders who travel and purchase goods/services will now have a single card versus two. The new OneCard is a University liability VISA card provided through JPMorgan Chase that is issued to permanent Western employees. Transactions are reconciled through the PaymentNet system. With the OneCard, you may purchase non-restricted goods and services under $3,000 directly from the vendors. The OneCard also allows cardholders to cover authorized travel and related expenditures while in travel status. Working alongside the TEM module, the OneCard capability will continue to make travel processes more effective.

Using the OneCard to procure goods and services

The OneCard is the preferred method of payment for purchases under $3,000 per transactions.

OneCard Rules:

  • For business-related expenses only (not personal purchases)
  • For permanent employees only
  • For unrestricted items only
  • For items up to $3,000 per transaction (greater with prior approval), and $10,000 for a total monthly spend

Receipts/invoices and backup documents are retained by the cardholder and kept for six years.

Using OneCard to procure travel related expenditures

Using OneCard will allow cardholders to purchase authorized travel and related expenditures while in travel status. The OneCard eliminates personal responsibility for payments and there is no reimbursement through TEM for the following travel related expenses:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Group Meals

Cardholders are not exempt from the travel requirements when using OneCard, and must continue to follow the University travel policy, procedures, and State laws.

The following three steps are required to obtain a OneCard:

  1. Training:  All OneCard program participants are required to take the online training.
  2. Quiz:  A mandatory quiz is required following completion of the online training, with a passing score of 100%.
    1. Students must self-enroll to take the online training in Canvas.
  3. Application Process:  Complete the e-sign form “Western Procurement Card Application” in its entirety and route the application as instructed on the form.


Click on the button to get started:

Click to get started!


For questions about training or the new OneCard Program, contact the Card Administrator, Brenda Ancheta at 360.650.3561.

Department Travel Card

The Department Travel Card is a University issued VISA credit Card. The Department Travel Cards allow departments to purchase airfare, lodging and transportation to avoid out of pocket expenses for individual and having to wait for reimbursement. The Department Card is issued to the department’s Travel Arranger who is responsible for making all department travel arrangements for:

  • Students or Student Group Traveling on University Business
  • For Faculty and Staff traveling on University Business
  • Non-University employees (including Candidates for a position, speakers, guest lecturers and other individuals authorized by the University)

The Department Travel Card can be used for the following travel expenses:

  • Airfare,
  • Rental car, charter and rail
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Hotel/lodging
  • Registration fees

Fuel Card

Voyager Fuel Card

The Fuel Card is a University issued VISA fuel card. The fuel card is to be used for purchases when using Western Vehicles or rented vehicles for Western Business. Fuel cards may not be used to fuel personal cars even when conducting university business. Employees may request reimbursement for mileage if using personal vehicles. The following items are approved for purchases with the Fuel Card.

  • Fuel
  • Emergency Towing and Assistance
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Additives, such as motor oil, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, etc.


For Emergency Roadside Assistance call 1.800.356.9316

Who to Contact

For questions about approved items or spending limits please contact your department’s Card Custodian

Brenda Ancheta, Fuel Card Administrator
AC140, MS1420
360-650-3561 (v)
360-650-6810 (f)

Voyager Customer Services

On-Site Fuel Card Reviews

To comply with regulations, the Western Accounts Payable Department is in the process of on site Fuel Card Reviews. The Travel Desk staff will contact card custodians individually to arrange a time for the review. This is a good time to double-check your process, make sure your receipts are reconciled to the various invoices we’ve already paid, and gather questions/concerns you’d like to discuss. Below is the review check list. Please feel free to use it for a self-evaluation of your files and prepare for the official review.

Record Review:

  • Does the card custodian have any questions/concerns?
  • Are all cards accounted for and securely stored?
  • Are card custodians on record for dept. correct?
  • Is card user information accurate and inclusive?
  • Is card user list/agreement on file and accurate?
  • Is card log sheet on file and accurate?
  • Are receipts on file for card use?
  • If receipts are missing are memos on file?
  • Are receipts reconciled to monthly invoices?
  • If any invoice problems was administrator notified?
  • Are records retained filed and stored?

Roadside Assistance

As a fuel cardholder, you have access to the National Automobile Club Fleet Rescue roadside assistance. Should your vehicle become disabled, services is dispatched to assist you 24/7. You can receive faster services by calling the number on the back of the fuel card. Or can call 1.800.356.9316. Any necessary services will be billed directly to your Voyager Fleet Card, with no out-of-pocket expenses required.
Fleet Rescue will help with:

  • Towing
  • Jump starts
  • Tire change
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel and water delivery
  • Mechanical first aid

Fuel Card Forms

Fuel Card Links

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