Online Ordering from Central Stores

Central Stores Online was created to acquire, warehouse, and distribute various types of repetitively used commodities such as paper, printer cartridges, and janitorial supplies for the WWU campus.

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction, which includes providing service of the highest quality and streamlining your purchasing process. We strive to obtain the best prices possible from our vendors. Central Stores monitors its performance to ensure orders are filled quickly, accurately, and completely.

We welcome any suggestions that will help us improve our services to you.

Prices are all-inclusive of taxes and delivery.

We warehouse approximately 400 stock items. Items that can be ordered include:

  • Copy and printer paper
  • Heavy print paper
  • Miscellaneous paper
  • Generic envelopes
  • Custom envelopes
  • Toner cartridges - refurbished
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Miscellaneous supplies (safety glasses, packing boxes, facial tissue, etc.)
  • Furniture
Page Updated 02.11.2015