Contract Routing Process

  1. Department fills out the appropriate contract.  (Found on the Contract Type webpage). To expedite the process, the department may obtain the contractor’s signature at this stage.
  2. The department works with the contractor to obtain a completed, recently, signed W-9. Western cannot pay the contractor without a recent W-9. Blank W-9.
    Note: If the service is being completed without payment or by an individual needing only travel expense reimbursement, we will not require a W-9.
  3. Department initiates Contract Routing Form and attaches the contract, W-9, and any other necessary documents. If you are making an amendment to an existing contract please reference the existing contract number or attach it to the eSign form. If you do not know the contract number please EMAIL Monica Morrow and she will send that information to you.
  4. Department routes the form through the Chair/Dean/Director and/or the area Vice President so they may review the agreement and sign the routing sheet.  For information on who to route the form to, see here.
  5. Once properly routed, the department should then approve completed eSign Contract Routing Form to Contract Administration.
  6. Contract Administration will review the Contract Routing Form for completeness and stage the agreement for Risk Management and Assistant Attorney General (AAG) review and signature.  Please note that these signatories are available for this process on a limited schedule. Contract Administration will update the comment field on the Contract Routing Form with applicable contract number and routing stage to help departments understand where their contract is at in the process.
  7. Once approved, Contract Administration will sign or obtain signature from a University authorized signatory.
  8. Contract Administration will attached a copy of the finalized signed contract to the eSign form and lock it. A copy will be emailed to the contractor and department contact listed on the Contract Routing Form.

Payments to businesses or other entities are made via a Purchase Requisition Form referencing the Contract number and require an invoice from the contractor. Payments to individuals are made via a Services/Reimbursement Form and require a signature.

Reference the contract number on the top Comments section of the form, and attach the signed contract to help the payment process faster.


Page Updated 06.01.2016