Contract Routing

Contract Administration's mission is to make sure that all affected areas in the University are aware of a new contract and to ensure the interests of the University are properly addressed. Contract Administration deals with a wide variety of contracts, from major property purchases to one-night speaking engagements. Each contract is routed a little differently.

In general, a contract will be signed faster if:

  1. Contract is prepared using Contractor's contract or Western Template.
  2. All background documents are obtained.
  3. The initiating department starts an esign routing sheet, available here.
  4. The Chair/Dean/Director and/or the area Vice President should review the agreement and sign the routing sheet.
  5. The department should then forward the agreement and signed Routing Sheet to Contract Administration.
  6. Contract Administration will review the agreement and stage it for Risk Management, and Assistant Attorney General (AAG) for review and signature.
  7. Once approved, Contract Administration will sign or obtain signature from a University authorized signatory.

Contracts Review and Approval Process


Contract Work Flow

Page Updated 07.17.2015