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Computers are restricted items, meaning that regardless of dollar amount, permissions for these purchases must be routed to Purchasing.

Computers and hardware are restricted because WWU has contracts established with a number of computer vendors which give us very advantageous pricing on computer hardware. Additionally, maintenance and connectivity are simplified when consistent components are used, which keeps costs and repair times down.

Our preferred providers are shown below.


See details on recommended configurations.

How to Purchase

If you have a Dell profile/login, login to Dell Premier Access and configure your computer.

If you do not have a Dell profile/login, please contact WWU Purchasing to request a Dell Premier login. Please include your name, department, and contact information.

For additional information, contact Western's Account Rep, Betsy Bromley, 1-800-456-335 ext 5139086.


Go to Apple for Education under "Shop for your School" follow the steps to find Western Washington University. Then email to WWU Purchasing.

Get more info on how to place an order

For additional information, contact Western's Account Rep, Kelly Matthews at 1-800-800-2775 ext 42685.

Hewlett Packard

Western orders HP computers through GovConnection, B & H, or CDWG. New users must be associated with WWU’s account in order to do quotes. Send an email to WWU Purchasing asking to be associated with the account.

Get more info on how to place an order

For additional information, contact Western's HP Account Rep's, Kelly Boyle at 1-800-727-2472 ext 771-5686 or John Pexton at 425-418-7311.


Computer Accessories

Questions for all suppliers

WWU Purchasing x3340

Shop Gov Connect

WWU Account Rep
Thomas Kearney
800.800.0019 x75534 (v)
603.683.1120 (f)


Shop B&H

WWU Account Rep
Adina Friedman
800.947.8003x7748 (v)
212.239.7759 (f)


Shop CDW-G

WWU Account Rep
Scott McCormick
866.288.8466 (v)
312.705.9440 (f)


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