Purchasing Contact Information by Commodity


Questions and General Information

WWU Purchasing x3340


Card Services

Brenda Ancheta x3561

  • Fuel Card
  • PCard
  • Relocations/Moving
  • Travel Card

Computers, Peripherals, Software & Web Services

Karen McKinnon x2314

  • Audio/Visual
  • Computers
  • Peripherals
  • Software
  • Printers
  • Cell Phones
  • Web Services
  • Servers

Energy and Utilities

Facilities: Maintenance Repair and Operations

Food & Drink

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for Buildings

Mail & FedEx Services

Office, Lab and Janitorial Supplies

Office Supplies-See Keeney's or Office Depot sites on the Marketplace

Lab Supplies-See Fisher Scientific or VWR Int' on the Marketplace

Janitorial Supplies-See Bay City Supply or Waxie on the Marketplace

Paper, Ink, Copier and Printing Services

Karen McKinnon x2314 - Paper and Printer Ink (Avail from the Marketplace)

Kathy Tadlockx3545 -Copiers and Printing Services

Promotional, Branding, and Athletic Apparel

Scientific, Medical, Industrial Gases and Hazardous Materials

Services & Honorariums

Personal Services Contract Administration, 360-650-3340

Honorariums Andrea Rodger x4478

Telephones & Communications

Travel Services

Vehicles & Chartered Transportation

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