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Who Can Receive an Honorarium?

Honorarium issued to an Employee

is defined as money or thing of value which is offered to a University employee for speech, appearance, article or similar functon which is in connection with his or her official role at the University. An honorarium can only be accepted if it is specifically approved by the University and it is not on the prohibited list below. The University has an honorarium form to document the supervisory approval.

University employees may receive honoraria subject to the following limitations:

1. The person, organization or company is offering the honorarium for a speech, appearance, article or similar activity in connection with the recipient's role  at  the  University,  and is  not seeking  or  expected  to seek contractual relations with Western Washington University; or 

2.  The person, organization or company offering the honorarium is not regulated by Western Washington University; or 

3.  The person, organization or company offering the honorarium is not seeking or  opposing  or  is  not  reasonably  likely  to  seek  or  oppose enactment or  adoption  of  administrative  rules  or  action  or  policy changes by Western Washington University; or

4.  The  speech,  appearance,  article,  or  similar  item  or  activity  that  the employee  has  been  asked  to  give,  produce  or  engage  in  does  not detract  from  or  interfere  with  his/her  duties  and  obligations  to Western Washington University.

See the following Policies and Procedures:

POL-U5400.19 - Receiving Honoraria

PRO-U5400.19A - Requesting Approval To Accept Honoraria

POL-U5400.05 - Using University Resources

POL-U5400.17 - Professional Staff Policy on Consult ing and Other Outside Compensated Professional Activities

POL-U5400.18 - Faculty Policy On Consulting and Other Compensated Professional Activities

POL-U5348.12 - Reimbursing For Official University Business

POL-U5348.09 - Paying Honoraria To Non-Employees

POL-U5348.10 - Authorizing and Reimbursing Travel For Official University Business


Honorarium issued to a Non-Employee


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