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How to Buy Software

Software is restricted, meaning that regardless of dollar amount, permissions for these purchases must be routed to Purchasing. This includes Apps for Apple products! For most types of standard software, Western has contract agreements which give us either special educational discounts or site license privileges which greatly reduce the cost. ATUS Software Services manages the distribution and licensing of standard campus software for the Purchasing department.

NOTE: Any software - even FREE SOFTWARE - that requires an agreement covering license terms and conditions must be sent to Purchasing. Software that requires annual maintenance should also be sent to Purchasing.

To acquire new software:

  1. If it's free, does it require an agreement covering license terms and conditions? Often during installation you check something that says "I agree" or asks you to read other terms and conditions. In these cases Purchasing needs to authorize this acquisition.
  2. If you're going to buy it, check with Software Services to see if it's a product they are currently offering. (See Purchasing Through Software Services below)
  3. All other Software not available from Software Services will need to be purchased using a Purchase Order or a PCard may be used with prior written approval from Purchasing (see Using a PCard below).

Purchasing Through Software Services

Software Services works with much of the standard software on campus including Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe products among others. Visit the ATUS Available Software page for availability and pricing or you can contact the Software Services Office x3159.

Using a Purchase Form

For new software applications, Software Services and Purchasing have developed a questionnaire to help departments with software purchases. Purchasing asks that the form be completed and attached to the Purchase Form for new software purchases. If the question on the form is not applicable please put "NA" or "Does Not Apply" instead of leaving the section blank. Software applications that involve credit card processing or confidential data may require Purchasing to get approval from Technical Services or Administrative Computing prior to purchashing.

Using a PCard

To place an order for software with a PCard, email WWU Purchasing requesting to purchase the software using your PCard. Include the following details in the email:

  • Name on PCard that will be used for the purchase
  • Title of software
  • End user(s)
  • What does software do or how will it be used
  • Vendor
  • Individual cost and total cost
  • Link to the software page/vendor
  • Is there annual/ongoing maintenance fee?
  • Is there a license agreement to be reviewed?