Travel Booking Tool

The Travel Booking Tool is currently being rolled out in stages. Travel Services will contact departments to get started.


The new tool will look a lot like regular booking sites you may already use but will allow you to:

  • Book your airfare, lodging, and rental car in one transaction
  • Enjoy competitive booking rates: Online or a flat $9 fee, or through an agent for $27
  • Get contracted and discounted rates
  • See immediately if your lodging will exceed per diem and request an exception
  • Use your Alaska Air Miles account
  • Track unused airfare credits from cancelled trips
  • Bill your trip directly to Western—depending on your department’s configurations
  • Track your itinerary using a mobile app—TripIt

There’s even a mobile app for the booking tool itself called Airportal 360 available on Android and iPhone platforms!


Departments may choose whether a OneCard or Department Travel Card will be loaded for their department. If a central card will be used, all transactions for that department will route to the card holder for approval. If departments are allowing individual OneCards or personal cards these transactions will not require additional approval.

Please only book Alaska Airlines flights with WWU issued cards. Personal cards used to book state contracted rates will carry an additional fee.

Page Updated 11.17.2016