• Itineraries should look like a one-way trip. Per Diem rates pull from the “To” field.

  • Enter required fields marked with a red asterisk. For international trips enter only the city and country. Entering the province may result in incorrect per diem rates.
  • Personal time should not be included in the itinerary because the system allows meals based on the itinerary. Personal time should be noted in the comments. The state requires that travelers demonstrate that altering the itinerary for personal reasons does not increase the cost of the trip.

    Please be sure to obtain flight or train quotes for the business portion of the trip. Car rental contracts through Enterprise must be separate for personal time. Parking costs may need to be prorated and lodging updated. Please review “Mixing Business and Personal Travel” if adding any personal time to a business trip.

  • Per Diem Destination Match Warning information

  • Itineraries with more than one leg may not have overlapping times. For example, in this itinerary the traveler is leaving Atlanta, GA at 6PM on March 16th and going to Birmingham, Alabama. All of the per diem rates for March 16-18th will be Alabama.

  • Itineraries must be updated on Travel Reimbursements if they changed.
Page Updated 06.25.2018