Coffee & Light Refreshments

When Can Refreshments be Provided?

Refreshments are a restricted item when bought with University monies and are only allowed if all of the following are met:

  • The refreshments must be essential to the completeness (i.e., an integral part) of an official University meeting or training session, and
  • The University must require that the employee attend the meeting or formal training session, and
  • The purpose of the event must be to conduct official WWU business or to provide formal training to WWU employees, and
  • Cost per person served may not exceed $10.00 for refreshments or the allowable per diem for meals (SAAM 10.40.40), and
  • The meeting must be away from the employee's regular work place, and
  • Indicate whether or not a state of Washington facility is to be used for the event. State regulations require that state facilities be given preference when possible (SAAM 10.10.55). If a State facility will not be used, you must fill out and submit an Event/Conference Authorization Form (see Business & Financial Affairs Procedure 5320.02) and
  • Esign authorization is approved PRIOR to the event

When can refreshments NOT be provided?

Specifically, University money can NOT be used for refreshments for the following kinds of activities:

  • Normal daily business of University employees
  • Regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Anniversaries of units
  • Anniversaries of individual employment
  • Retirements
  • Elections or election celebrations
  • Lobbying a legislator or government official
  • Social events, open houses
  • Extra fees charged for late orders and late payment fees
Page Updated 08.06.2015