TEM & Travel Training

We are currently providing three kinds of travel and TEM training classes. You can learn more about each in the sections below, or contact Travel Services if you have additional questions.

How to Sign Up

Visit the WWU Training Site and look for the listing of upcoming Financial Systems classes. You can get more information about an individual class by clicking on its title. If no classes are listed or if you have any questions regarding a class, please contact Samantha Zimmerman at x3341 or Samantha.Zimmerman@wwu.edu.


Travel Policy & Procedure Training

Policy and procedure training addresses the various rules and regulations associated with traveling for the University. Understanding these policies is key to understanding your responsiblities as a traveler. These sessions also give an overview of travel-related processes, so you can get an idea of what needs to be done in various travel scenarios.


TEM Approver & Delegate Training

Approver and proxy training is part presentation and part functional demonstration that shows how to do approvals in the TEM system; this is not hands-on training. The target audience for these classes is TEM approvers and their proxies who act as supervisory approvers to approve the act of travel, or act as budget authority approvers to approve travel expenses.

TEM Traveler & Proxy Training

Traveler and delegate training is a hands-on class that shows people how to use the TEM system to process their travel documents - Travel Authorizations (TAs), travel reimbursements (TRs), and travel advances (TVs). This class is recommended for anyone who processes their own travel documents or aids other travelers in processing their travel documents.

Page Updated 02.11.2015