Intramural Sports - Important Information for Captains

Team captains for intramural teams should review the information below prior to participating:

Intramural Sports Code of Conduct

One of the objectives of intramural sports programming is to promote social interaction and fellowship within the campus community. Although everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their ability and to make every effort to with the game, the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship is paramount. All participants are expected to adhere to an honesty policy with regard to eligibility, rules interpretation and administrative procedure. In order to encourage proper conduct and to maintain control during the game, intramural officials and supervisors shall make decisions on weather to warn, penalize or eject players of teams. Any ejection from an intramural contest will result in a mandatory one game suspension for the player in that specific sport.

Upon being ejected from any game or contest, the individual(s) involved are automatically suspended from further intramural competition and must arrange an appointment with the intramural coordinator to petition for probationary status. This includes playing in a different intramural sport, until they have met with the Intramural Coordinator. Individual(s) penalized or ejected while on probation are subject to permanent expulsion from the program.

Evidence of unsportsmanlike behavior includes but is not limited to: violations of the honesty policy, profanity, threatening, shoving or striking an opponent, official or activity supervisor, excessive arguing, derogatory or abusive remarks by players or spectators, unnecessary delay of game, and any action with the intent to cause physical injury. This policy will be enforced before, during and after the game.

All established disciplinary procedures will be enforced by the Intramural Coordinator and handled on an individual basis with the resulting actions(s) appropriate to the seriousness of the incident.

The possession and/or use of alcohol and/or drugs at an intramural activity are strictly prohibited and in violation of WWU conduct regulations for facility use. Teams found with alcohol and/or drugs or intoxicated will be removed for the remainder of the intramural season.

Physical fighting is not tolerated in intramural competition. Players who use aggressive physical violence in any intramural game will be removed from the team roster for the rest of the intramural season and the player's team will be placed on probation. A second violation by and member on the probationary team automatically disqualifies the team from intramural league competition for the duration of the season. If you are attacked, do not fight back. any player involved in physical violence will be removed from their team.

Click here for a printable copy of the Intramural Sports Code of Conduct.

Intramural Facilities

Intramural games take place at a variety of on campus facilities, including the Student Recreation Center, Carver Gym and the outdoor turf and grass fields.

If your intramural team has games scheduled in the Student Recreation Center, non-members will have to pay for a single day pass or purchase a membership in order to enter the facility.

Click here for a campus map showing the location of intramural facilities.

Intramural Playoff System

A player may compete on as many teams as desired (i.e. men’s/women’s and co-rec) throughout the regular season. Only 50% of a team can form another team to compete in another division or league within the same sport. This means the same team cannot compete in the Competitive division and the Recreation division. Only half the players on the teams can appear on both rosters once playoffs begin. Individuals will need to decide which team they will play for if scheduling conflicts arise during the regular season or during playoffs. Once playoffs have started a player may only play for one team within a division and may not switch teams if the team they are playing for is eliminated. For clarification, a player may compete in basketball on different teams in multiple divisions, ie. Men’s, Coed, Competitive or Recreation. A player may not compete for two teams in the same division once playoffs starts, ie. two different Men’s Competitive teams.

To compete in the playoffs, an individual must have played in at least one (1) regularly scheduled game for the team he/she intends to represent (full name must appear on the game score sheet and roster). Forfeit games may be counted if the individual was present. Only team members who were at the final play-off game are eligible to receive the intramural championship T-shirt.

Playoff tournaments are arranged as seeded brackets, with seed positions based off team’s league placement, win-loss record, point differentials, head-to-head game play, and sportsmanship ratings. The number of teams that move to playoffs is determined by the number of teams within the league:

  • If the league has 6 teams, generally the top 3 teams go to playoffs
  • If the league has 8 teams, generally the top 4 teams go to playoffs
  • If the league has 10 teams, generally the top 5 teams go to playoffs

Playoff games are typically played on the first weekend following regular season league play, or the week following.

While all officials try their best, mistakes do occur. A protest will be considered only if it involves a question of proper procedure, player eligibility, or error in the interpretation of a rule. Any questions regarding the judgment of an official or supervisor, are not adequate grounds for protest.

All protests must be made within 48 hours of the original match. If a team would like to protest during the game the eligibility of a player from the opposing team, the team captain must notify the official to stop play and then notify the supervisor on site. The game will be completed and the protest will be resolved after the conclusion of the contest. If a player or players are found to be ineligible, the team committing the infraction will be forced to forfeit the contest. If this happens during the playoffs the non-infracting team will advance to the next round.

A protest can be made up to 48 hours after the contest during the regular season. In this scenario the team committing the infraction will be forced to forfeit that game and all other games that they used ineligible players.

Note: during playoffs, protests on eligibility cannot be made after a contest is completed as these games are often time-sensitive to the next contest, and often these protests are made in spite of loss by the non-infracting team. These teams can notify the supervisor on site so that those players in question may or may not be eligible to play in the team’s next contest.

How and Where Do I Pay For My Team?

After you have created your team on, you will need to visit the Student Rec Center to pay the $70 team fee in person (other prices for ladder and gamer leagues). Although your team is registered on, your place in the league will not be held or guaranteed until your payment is received in person at the Rec Center. Team fees will be accepted at the front desk during the Rec Center's normal business hours.

An entry fee and possible forfeit fee is required to enter most intramural activities and must be paid at the time the entry form or team roster is submitted. Entry fees will only be refunded if a team's selected league does not fill up and is eliminated.

All entry fees are used in the intramural sports program to pay student employees, provide awards, promote and publicize the activities, and purchase equipment. These fees do not cover all of the operating expenses of the program, but assist in keeping costs low. The majority of the fees collected are returned to students in the form of wages. When considering the quality of the program and the positive experience enjoyed by the participants, intramural sports remains a tremendous value.

Weather Delays, Suspensions and Reschedules

In those instances when a team cannot play one of their regularly scheduled games, the Intramural Program provides some opportunity to reschedule the game. Space and time are limited, but we will try to accommodate requests whenever possible. The captain of the team making the request and the opposing team’s captain must meet with the Intramural Coordinator at least 24 hours before the scheduled game time to reschedule the game. Leaving a voice message is not considered adequate notification, however emails within 24 hours will be accepted. If the request comes within the 24 hour time period before the time of the contest it will be considered a forfeit.

Note: Teams requesting a re-schedule during the regular season and/or the playoffs must be willing to play on any time or any day of the week that the league was scheduled during the regular season. For example, 5-on-5 Basketball is played Sunday through Thursday nights, the team requesting the reschedule will be subject to playing the remake on any one of those days.

Games postponed due to inclement weather or field conditions will be rescheduled for the next available intramural playing day. Please call 650-3766 or check online at for rainout information no more than two hours prior to the start of the scheduled activity.

If a team knows they cannot make a game and will not be able to reschedule the contest, they must fill out a Default Form at least 24-hours before the scheduled game time. These forms can be picked up in the Wade King Student Recreation Center. Teams will receive a loss, but will not be charged with a forfeit.

Game time is forfeit time! Teams are strongly encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early at the scheduled game site to check-in and prepare for the game. While game time is forfeit time, one of the goals of our program is to avoid forfeits whenever possible.

If one team is ready at game time and the other is not:

  1. The team ready to play can choose to win the game by forfeit; or
  2. The team can choose to grant their opponents a 10-minute grace period. If the required minimum number of players arrives within the 10 minutes, the game will be played and recorded as an official game. No exceptions are permitted to the 10-minute grace period. The length of the first period will be shortened according to the lateness of the new start time.

A double forfeit may be recorded if neither team is fully represented. Game officials will not officiate once a forfeit is declared. Teams that forfeit more than twice during the regular season will become ineligible for the playoffs. Forfeits may also be declared by the intramural staff for policy violations (eligibility, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.).

Captains Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

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Intramural Contacts

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