Intramural Sports - Frequently Asked Questions

Is my team ready to play after I have signed up on

No, your spot in the league is not guaranteed until you pay the team fee with a credit card on the website.

I don’t have enough players to create a team, nor do I have a team to join, what can I do?

If you wish to participate in a team sport and are not able to find enough people to get a team together, you may do one of the following:

  1. Create an account on From there you may join any league as a free agent and wait to be notified by a team captain.
  2. Alternatively, you can attempt to join a team before their first game. Check the teams that have entered and the posted game schedule to find out when and where games are being played and show up and ask if you can join teams. After all teams have entered, check the posted game schedules on our website and find out when and where games are being played, and show up and ask around before the first games.
What if I won’t have enough players for a game?

As soon as you realize you will not have enough players you have two options. First, you can call some friends from WWU and add them to your roster on If you still don’t have enough players you should call the intramural office as soon as possible. This gives us time to try to reschedule your game (if far enough in advance), or let the referees and opposing team know there will be no game. If a reschedule is not possible, a forfeit penalty will still be in effect.

What if my team decides to drink or use drugs before/during a game or intramural activity?

The possession and/or use of alcohol and/or other drugs at an intramural activity is strictly prohibited and in violation of WWU conduct regulations for facility use. Teams found with alcohol and/or drugs or intoxicated will be removed for the remainder of the intramural season. As a captain you are responsible for the actions of your team. If your team is not familiar with WWU conduct regulations, then an overview might change their minds before a game. If you believe their safety, or your opponent’s safety is in danger before/during a match, please feel free to contact the intramural staff.

My teammates committed to the league times, but are not showing up to games. What should I do?

The best way to avoid this issue is to make sure your team is truly committed and that your league times are best for the whole team. Another way to be sure of proper attendance is to have multiple subs. There is no limit to the number of subs you can have on a team, so sometimes more is better. Communication is also a key aspect for game attendance. Set up an email list, Facebook group, or a phone or text tree in order to let everyone know when games are.

How do I get money from my teammates, who promised to split the team fee for the team?

The best way to do this is to collect the money before you sign up. This puts the responsibility of the payment onto the team and not on the individual. If you need the money after you sign up, try giving the player a deadline, for example: “We have a game Thursday night, do you think you can get me that $5 by then or I won’t be able to let you play.”

I won’t be able to make a match, can I assign another player as a captain?

There may only be one captain and co-captain listed per team. If the captain and co-captain are not able to make the game, one other player may be designated captain and must inform the referee prior to the match.

Can new members of my team show up to the match without registering on

Yes, but they must provide a current WWU student/staff ID at the match. After participating, the new team member(s) need to register on If the new member(s) were not a current student or staff member, a forfeit penalty will be enforced.

Can I participate in intramurals if I have a disability?

Yes. For more information on disability and accessibility accommodations, click here.

How do I request disability accommodations for participating in intramurals?

Please contact Disability Resources for Students, Old Main 120, 360-650-3083 (voice) or 360-650-7175 (VP), Employees should contact Human Resources Disability Services at 360-650-3774. You may also contact Intramural Coordinator Kirsten Schumacher at (360) 650-7261 with any questions.

How many games is my team guaranteed for the quarter?

Each team is guaranteed at least five games each quarter. Some teams may have more than five games if time permits within the quarter and facilities are available. Teams that make playoffs will play one or more extra game(s) that quarter.

What are some important intramural phone numbers?
  • Kirsten Schumacher: (360) 650-7261
  • Rain out hotline: (360) 650-3766
  • WWU Police/Emergency: (360) 650-3911
Page Updated 03.30.2016