Intramural Sports - Ladder League Format

In addition to our intramural team sports, we also offer tennis, racquetball and ping pong as ladder sports. The following is the format for our ladder sports:

  • Each individual must first sign up online on Registration details are available on the intramural website. You must include your contact information (e-mail and phone number).
  • The cost for signing up for the Tennis, Racquetball or Table Tennis Ladder is $10, payable at the Campus Recreation Office in the Student Recreation Center.
  • By signing up for the Ladder, you agree to have your cell phone, email, and name given out.
  • Registration is ongoing, if a player signs up after the ladder league has started, they will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.
  • After playing, fill out a score sheet and email or hand into Campus Recreation Office, weekly scores are due within 7 days of the proposed contest and updated ladders will be posted online every Tuesday. Score sheets are available as a download online, or they can be picked up in the IMA office. All participants will be emailed an attachment of the scoresheet.
  • Score sheets must be signed by both participants, or an emailed score sheet to must be copied to the opposing participant for verification.
  • The Intramural Department will update the ladders according to all received score sheets on a weekly basis every Monday.
  • Ladder Information is available at the Intramural Sports Office in the back of the Wade King Student Recreation Center.
  • For individuals to challenge they simply need to review the online ladder and decide whom they would like to challenge in the upcoming week.

How Challenging Works

  • The league will be set up as a ladder tournament.
  • A player may challenge a person up to three levels above provided that player has not made or accepted another challenge.
  • To make a challenge a participant must simply e-mail and state the name of the individual they would like to challenge, and the league they are in. The follow up contact and confirmation of the challenge match will be made by the IMA office staff.
  • Challenges must be accepted within two days.
  • From the date of being accepted, Intramurals will e-mail both participants the confirmation and deadline for completion of the match. A majority of confirmation emails will be sent out on Monday so that the match is completed by the following Monday. Some may come out as late as Tuesday depending on when the challenge was made.
  • Challenges can only be made via e-mail so please be sure to check your e-mail frequently.
  • You must play at least once a week or you will drop one place on the ladder.
  • Tennis open recreation times specifically for the ladder are available on Sundays from 1pm-6pm, however you can play anytime the courts are free.

Intramural Office Contact Information

  • Office is located in Room 147 of the Wade King Student Recreation Center, across front the MAC gym
  • Phone: (360) 650-4549
  • E-Mail:
  • Note: Requests for challenges will only be accepted via e-mail.
Page Updated 03.30.2016