Intramural Sports - How to Sign Up

How to Register on IM Leagues

Follow these instructions to register for any of our intramural leagues:

  1. Go to WWU's site on
  2. Click on ‘Create Account’ in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Next you will be prompted to register using your WWU e-mail address. (Note: If you are a Whatcom student please provide your Whatcom ID number so that we can verify you).
  4. After your account is created, check your e-mail to confirm your account. (Note: Check your junk email if you cannot find the email verification and move the email to your inbox to activate the hyperlink).
  5. Your account will be confirmed after clicking on the activation link in the e-mail and an IM Leagues website window will pop up.
  6. Now that your account is activated, you can click on the ‘Western Washington University’ link at the top of the page to view all the different intramural sports we offer.

After you set up your account you can sign up your team and/or search for teammates. During Winter Quarter 2014, each league costs $70 per team to join, with the exception of the FIFA gamer league which costs $10 to join. This fee must be paid in full at the Student Recreation Center front desk after your have signed up your team on

How to Sign up for an Intramural Sport

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the “Western Washington University” link.
  3. The current sports will be displayed toward the bottom of the screen. Click on the sport you wish to join.
  4. Choose the league and division you wish to play in (i.e. Men's Rec 1)
  5. You can join the sport one of three ways:
    1. Create a team (For team captains)
      • Captains can invite members to their team in two ways:
        • If they have already registered on IM Leagues: Click the “invite members” link on the team page, search for their name, and invite them.
        • If they have not already registered on IM Leagues: Click the “invite members” link on the team page, then click the “Can’t find someone? Click here to invite by email address” and input the student's email address.
      • To create a team, the captain must pass the captain's quiz. The questions are based out of the Intramural Handbook.  They are general questions for all captains to know and they are not sport specific.  The quiz can be taken as many times as needed.
    2. Join a team
      • Find the team and captain name on the divisions (Coed 1, Men's 1, etc.) page and request to join a team.
      • Go to the captain’s Playercard page, view their team and request to join.
      • Accept a request from the captain to join their team
    3. Join as a Free Agent
      • Click on the free agent tab in the upper right hand corner and choose the league and division you wish to join.
      • A notification message will be sent to the captain of the teams you request to join as a free agent.
  6. Important: Remember that your team's spot in a league is not confirmed until you pay the team fee. Starting Winter Quarter 2016, you must pay your team fee online on the IMLeagues website with a credit/debit card.

Register to Receive Text Updates

We often send out urgent messages regarding game time changes, delays, and forfeits to participant’s e-mail and cell phone. We only message a participant’s phone in urgent situations with regards to the game changes above. If you would like to receive text messages:

  1. Log in to you IM Leagues account
  2. Go to the “User Home” tab
  3. Go to “Edit Profile” under your profile picture
  4. Go to the “Contact” tab
  5. Check the box that says “Allow update to be sent via text message”


Intramural playoffs are set up as a bracket tournament. The number of teams that go to playoffs is determined by how many teams are in a league:

  • If the league has 6 teams, generally the top 3 teams go to playoffs
  • If the league has 8 teams, generally the top 4 teams go to playoffs
  • If the league has 10 teams, generally the top 5 teams go to playoffs

Games are typically played on a specified weekend, usually the first one when all sports have finished league games. To view if your team makes it to playoffs, you can view your league's standing on the IM Leagues site.

The Championship Shirt

The players from the champion team from every sport and league receives an Intramural Champions shirt showing they won their league for the quarter!

Page Updated 03.30.2016