Frequently Asked Questions

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Hours of Operation
What Is Offered

Who is able to use the facility?

All WWU students enrolled for 6 or more credits will be able to use the facility. For a user fee, faculty, staff, and other students will also be welcome. Check the membership page for more information.

Is the facility open to the community?

The facility is open to the general public but in order to use the equipment that is available to paying members you will have to purchase a guest pass while being accompanied by a member of the Student Recreation Center. For details please see the membership page.

Who is eligible for a membership?

All Western students, faculty, and staff are eligible for a Student Recreation Center membership. Spouses, domestic partners, and dependents (ages 18-23) are eligible as long as the university member has a current membership. WWU Alumni Association members are offered a year-long membership. For more information check the membership page.

I am a student but my friend is not. Is there a way my friend can work out with me?

Yes. Your friend may purchase a $7.00 guest pass. They may do this as long as they are accompanied by a member.

What do I need to get in and use the facility?

If you are a Western student and are taking 6 credits or more (not including post baccalaureate, extended education and IEP students) you need to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement and bring your Western Card.

I don't have my card. Can I still get in?

No. You must bring your card every time you wish to use the facility.

What is the Hold Harmless Agreement and where can I sign it?

The Hold Harmless Agreement is a liability waiver. You must sign this in order to use the facility. The waiver may be signed online.

How do I know if I am being charged the campus recreation fee?

Look at your tuition bill to see if the Campus Recreation Fee of $99.00 appears on your statement. Otherwise you may contact the Student Business Office.

How late is the facility open?

The hours for the Student Recreation Center are available on the facility schedule page.

When can I bring my family to use the facility?

The guest pass for children is $3 a day for ages 12 and under and $4.50 for ages 13-17. For family hours see the youth programs page.

When is lap swim?

Lap swim is offered every day. The schedule can be found in the weekly facility schedule.

What is the pool temperature?

The pool is heated to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the size of the pool?

The pool is 25 yards long, 6 lanes wide and our depths range from 3 feet to 7 feet.

What kind of equipment is available in the weight room?

See this brief summary of available equipment.

Are there locker room facilities available to students?

Yes, lockers are available to those using the Student Recreation Center as follows:

Permanent Full Size $20 per quarter or $45 per year
Third Size $15 per quarter or $30 per year
Hallway Locker $10 per quarter or $25 per year
Temporary Quarter Size No Charge

Payment for permanent locker rentals may be made at either the Student Recreation Center front desk or equipment desk. Locks for temporary lockers (for use during your visit only) may be picked up free of charge at the equipment desk.

Are there any rock climbing classes for students, for credit or otherwise?

Yes, the rock climbing classes are non-credit, recreational classes offered through Campus Recreation Services. More information will be posted soon about all the classes offered.

How tall is the rock climbing wall?

The rope wall is 30 feet tall and the bouldering wall is 13 feet tall.

Do you offer climbing classes?

Yes, we offer a variety of climbing classes throughout the academic year. In these classes you will learn basic climbing techniques and how to belay. Visit our climbing classes page or ask a climbing wall staff member for more information.

What classes are offered at the Student Recreation Center?

We have a variety of fitness classes available, with schedules varying by quarter. For more information, visit our fitness & education section.

Where can I find schedules for the pool, climbing wall, and fitness classes?

On the aquatics, climbing, and fitness & education pages.

Can I bring my own lock or ball?

No. Locks and balls may be checked out, for free, at the equipment desk with a Western ID card.

Where can I sign up for intramural and club sports?

Our intramural office is located in room 147 at the Student Recreation Center. Click here for more information about the sign-up process.

For information about out sport clubs, contact Clark Cripps.

Do you accept applications for jobs at the Student Recreation Center? If so, when and how?

We only accept employment applications for jobs that are currently hiring. When jobs are available, they are posted on the Student Employment Center website. More information can be found on the employment page.

Where can I view a list of facility rules?

Click here to view a listing of Wade King Student Recreation Center facility rules.

Do varsity teams have priority in the facility?

No. The Student Recreation Center is for all students whether they are varsity starters, intramural players or just looking for a study break.

Where can I park?

From 4:30pm to 7:00am, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends, the gravel C lot is available to park in. There are also 24-hour metered parking spaces available in the 17G and C lots.  From 7:00am to 4:30pm on weekdays, a visitor permit purchased from Parking Services or valid WWU permit is required to park in the C lot.

From 4:30pm to 7am weekdays and all day on weekends, parking is also allowed in the 17G and 19G lot with a pay station permit or other valid WWU permit.  If you have more questions, please contact Parking Services.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. The lost and found may be checked through the reception desk, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.

When is the Rock's Edge dining area open?

For current hours of operation and other information on the Rock's Edge please visit their website.

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