Welcome to Campus Rec at the
Wade King Student Recreation Center!

Before using the Student Recreation Center you must complete the Acknowledgement of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement. Please do so before your first visit.

NuFit Workshops every Monday

Our NuFit wellness workshop series takes place every Monday during the school year from 4-5pm in the Rec Center conference room. These workshops will discuss hot topics in the health and fitness industry in a welcoming environment. It's informative, you'll meet our health and fitness staff, and there will be free healthy snacks!

Freshmen Fit in 15 Program

Fit in 15 is a new incentive program designed specifically for the incoming freshmen class! This program is implemented through a customer loyalty application that can be downloaded right to your smart phone, tablet or iPod. This app will allow you to track your fitness progress throughout the quarter, and participants will earn prizes for meeting certain goals!

Visit our Fitness Page for more information or go to app.loyalblocks.com on your mobile device, tablet or wi-fi enabled iPod to download the app to get started!

Sign up for First Step today!

First Step is a program tailored for individuals looking to get more movement in their lives but may not know how or where to start. First Step is FREE to all students and faculty/staff Rec Center members.

Each participant gets a free movement assessment from a certified personal trainer and three follow up sessions geared towards the individual. First Step creates a program that is personal to the individual and designed to keep activity in their lives.

Learn more on our Health and Wellness Page.

Question of the Month

Each month we will post a different frequently asked question and answer about the Student Recreation Center!  Feel free to check out our FAQ Page to learn more about the facility.  This month's question:

  • Question:  I would like to play intramurals but I'm having trouble finding a team to join. Can you help?
    • Answer:  If you are having difficulty getting enough players for a full team or can't find an existing team to join, visit our page on IMLeagues.com. Teams which are in need of players will be designated by a blue "players wanted" icon next to their team name.

Rec Center Hours

Fall Quarter
(Sept. 24 - Dec. 12)

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