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What Does a Personal Trainer Offer?

Guidance. Our qualified staff of personal trainers are ready to guide you in the right direction for achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

Education. The personal trainers have formal education in areas related to health and fitness. They will translate the latest Exercise Scientific information into client based practical applications. This will enhance your fitness program experiences and provide you with information to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Motivation. When you need that extra push, our personal trainers will keep you motivated and excited about exercise so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

Flexible Schedules. Our personal training staff are all current students at Western. Their schedules are probably comparable to yours. They are available at various times during the day, and will work with you to schedule sessions at times that are convenient to you.

Find out more about the benefits of a personal trainer by viewing this brochure.

Getting Started

Please complete our Personal Training Questionnaire so our staff can best address your training needs. You will be contacted by one of our personal trainers shortly after submitting the questionnaire.

Prior to your consultation with one of our personal trainers, you will also be asked to complete the forms found in our Pre-Participation Packet.

Note: Please do not purchase personal training sessions until you have first met with your trainer.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Erica Chapman

Major: Kinesiology Movement Studies with a Sports Psychology Minor
Specialty: I specialize in CrossFit style workouts. I have a desire to truly know people and help them achieve more than they think they can via health & fitness. I am a Viking Fitness instructor here at the Rec and also the Lead Personal Trainer.
Fitness philosophy: My fitness philosophy is to find a lifestyle that works for you and run with it. Everyone is different and what may work for someone else, may not work for you; and that is fine! Fitness should always be fun; it should challenge you, but you should have fun “embracing the suck!”
Favorite exercise: My favorite movements are ball slams, double unders, and cleans. I love these movements because they are challenging and guarantee a great workout!

Jake Crawford

Major: Kinesiology and Spanish Double Major
Specialty: I specialize in performance training and designing strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all types from power athletes to endurance competitors. I am an ACE Certified Personal trainer, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and hold a Crossfit Level One trainer certification.
Fitness philosophy: My philosophy is to “Train hard, but train smart.” I am constantly looking to create the most effective training programs possible for my clients to help them reach their goals while avoiding injuries and minimizing other unnecessary setbacks.
Favorite exercise: My favorite exercise is not any one exercise I do in the gym but the competition itself that I have been preparing for. Be it a wrestling match, a triathlon, or climbing a mountain, I love when I can see my fitness that I have worked hard to develop in the gym being put to the test outside of the weight-room!

Deanna Emnott

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Specialty: I’m a yoga instructor and an injury rehabilitation specialist here at Wade Kind Rec Center. In addition to yoga and injuries, I also have quite a bit of knowledge about volleyball.
Fitness philosophy: My approach is finding fun and sustainable activities to get clients moving. I also believe that people can be fit and happy at any size.
Favorite exercise: Virabhadrasana III/Warrior III is my favorite because it’s fun and it challenges balance, focus and strength!

Jillian Farren

Major: Kinesiology with Pre-Physical Therapy Specialization
Specialty: I enjoy creating circuit based workouts for my clients so when you come in to the gym by yourself or with friends, you have a plan of what to accomplish. I also love incorporating yoga especially in the end of the session as a time to cool down and stretch your muscles. I am ACE Certified, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified, TRX Suspension Level 1 qualified and Level 1 YogaFit Certified.
Fitness philosophy: I believe that exercise should be joy-based and that when you come in to the gym or go out on a hike, you should be excited!
Favorite exercise: I enjoy lifting weights and yoga the most because it’s a balance between building muscle and staying flexible.

Jessica Hiestand

Major: Pre-PT Kinesiology
Specialty: I teach Boot camp at the Rec Center and like to incorporate circuit & strength training into workouts when possible. I also work in the Injury Rehabilitation Clinic and have experience working with clients who are dealing with former or current injuries.
Fitness philosophy: Being fit is for everyone – achieving success in this area is a matter of finding the right combination of exercises to pick the lock of fitness. Exercise stimulates the body both physically and mentally and should be a part of the day clients look forward to and can get excited about.
Favorite exercise: I love push-ups. They are a functional movement, can be done anywhere and challenge not only your chest/arms, but your core muscles as well.

Kylee Hilde

Major: Kinesiology with pre-physical therapy emphasis
Specialty: Throughout the school year I teach spin and tone as well as Synrgy 360. In addition I am TRX level 2 certified.
Fitness philosophy: I believe in living a healthy, active lifestyle. Exercise is a great way to increase energy, improve mood and of course have fun!
Favorite exercise: I absolutely love any exercise performed on the TRX. "All core, all the time!"

Zach Lentini

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Specialty: My expertise is in strength and conditioning programs meant to increase muscle mass, stabilize the core, and decrease body fat in athletic individuals. Injury prevention and later-stage rehab are also areas of particular interest to me. However, I am willing and able to work alongside the entire spectrum of clients with a wide variety of health and fitness goals.
Fitness philosophy: I believe that proper and sufficient exercise will benefit every person in his or her own way. Health includes a broad range of categories, not just physical, and even the most ‘in shape’ individual can reap the rewards of adequate exercise. Fitness is all about being better than you were yesterday—challenge yourself!
Favorite exercise: My favorite exercise is the bodyweight pull up because it is a fantastic way to work your back, shoulders, and biceps. Pulling exercises are great for shoulder health and posture, and you can do pull ups virtually anywhere, which makes them very useful.

Sierra Myers

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Specialty: I am interested in working with people who are looking to become more active and want to find new ways to enjoy exercising. I would love to work with someone who is looking to improve his or her conditioning or cardio respiratory fitness!
Fitness philosophy: I personally am motivated to be active when I do an activity I enjoy; I also like to try new things to see what other kinds of work outs and exercises work for me and which don’t. I think it is important to find something you like to do but also be open to trying things.
Favorite exercise: I love to run. I really like that a run can be whatever you want it to be, whether it’s a quick 15 minute jog or an long interval workout, I always feel accomplished when I finish no matter how slow I went. I also really enjoy basic weight lifting exercises like squats and dead lifts.

Ali Olson

Major: Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Specialty: I have a passion for aquatic therapy and water based strength and conditioning. I love using my knowledge of all departments of the facility to shape an exercise plan to fit my client’s interests and utilize everything that we have to offer here at the Rec. I am the Aqua Boot Camp instructor and also swim instructor in the Aquatics department.
Fitness philosophy: I believe that one’s goals in their fitness routine should be to achieve functional movement and endurance in their everyday lifestyle while gaining the ability to do the things they love with confidence and empowerment. You can achieve so much with a positive outlook and motivation to explore your talents and knowing what exercises work for you.
Favorite exercisey: I love the butterfly stroke in swimming. It’s a great dynamic movement that uses every muscle group in the body that anyone can accomplish with the right technique and practice!

Marina Stoermer

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Health Care
Specialty: My specialty is teaching movement activities in the pool. Training in the pool provides a low impact form of exercise.
Fitness Philosophy: My personal motto is that in order to maintain an active lifestyle exercise needs to be fun. I strongly believe in health at every size. It is important to take care of our bodies both physically and mentally.
Favorite Exercise: My new favorite activity is cycling because it allows me to get outside, biking to beautiful places.

Matthew Vezzani

Major: Sport Psychology Graduate Program
Specialty: With a background in exercise psychology I specialize in first time, or beginning exercisers. I love to teach new exercisers about the many benefits exercise has to offer. I am also experienced in circuit training and help teach Viking Fitness.
Fitness philosophy: I strongly believe in the benefits of exercise, both psychological and physical. I believe that exercise should be both fun and challenging for the individual. I also believe that exercise should include variety and focus on functional fitness.
Favorite exercise: Burpees. They are challenging and can be done anywhere for any amount of reps or time increment.

Client Information

Please complete this paperwork prior to your consultation with one of our personal trainers.


Personal training is priced by the number of hours you purchase at a time. Contact one of our trainers listed above by e-mail for more information and to get started.

Student Members Non-Student Members
1 Hour $25 1 Hour $35
3 Hours $75 3 Hours $105
6 Hours $130 6 Hours $180
10 Hours $200 10 Hours $250

For the best price, train with a friend and split the cost in half! (Available to students only)

If you have any questions about our personal training opportunities, please contact Ron Arnold at or (360) 650-4248.

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