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What Does a Personal Trainer Offer?

Guidance. Our qualified staff of personal trainers are ready to guide you in the right direction for achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

Education. The personal trainers have formal education in areas related to health and fitness. They will translate the latest Exercise Scientific information into client based practical applications. This will enhance your fitness program experiences and provide you with information to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Motivation. When you need that extra push, our personal trainers will keep you motivated and excited about exercise so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

Flexible Schedules. Our personal training staff are all current students at Western. Their schedules are probably comparable to yours. They are available at various times during the day, and will work with you to schedule sessions at times that are convenient to you.

Find out more about the benefits of a personal trainer by viewing this brochure.

Getting Started

Please complete our Personal Training Questionnaire so our staff can best address your training needs. You will be contacted by one of our personal trainers shortly after submitting the questionnaire.

Prior to your consultation with one of our personal trainers, you will also be asked to complete the forms found in our Pre-Participation Packet.

Note: Please do not purchase personal training sessions until you have first met with your trainer.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Josh Boone

Major: Kinesiology Pre-Healthcare
Specialty: I focus on functional workouts with a bias in strength. I was grown in a CrossFit community and have since increased my scope of knowledge to anything and everything. I love a long slow work out and/or a quick sprint.
Fitness philosophy: I think that training has personally helped me to love life and all it has to offer. Going to the gym and focusing on my personal wellbeing is excellent stress relief, fun, energizing, and the best part of my day. I think everyone has the opportunity to enhance their life through fitness, simply improving your health can better your life in almost every way.
Favorite exercise: Back Squat. I love the back squat because it is a great way to build muscle and increase strength throughout the body. The squat is fun and difficult.

Deanna Emnott

Major: Kinesiology (Exercise Science) MS
Specialty: Yoga, cardio, and HIIT.
Fitness philosophy: My approach is finding fun and sustainable activities to get clients moving and committed. Fitness can be achieved at any shape and size.
Favorite exercise: Single-leg kettlebell deadlifts, because they challenge strength, balance, and trunk stability.

Chris Hamlin

Major: Kinesiology: Pre-physical therapy
Specialty: Strength training because it connects the mind to the body.
Fitness philosophy: My favorite aspect of fitness and athletics is the variability inherent in the training. I believe that a good trainer knows how to cater to the needs of the client, and that with time, I will be able to pass on my knowledge to my clients allowing them to train independently.
Favorite exercise: Picking a favorite exercise is hard to do as I have many favorites depending on the emphasis of training, but I do love the bent over barbell row.

Bryan Ingles

Major: Kinesiology
Specialty: Core training, weightlifting.
Fitness philosophy: My foundational belief is that everyone is ridiculously good at something. They just need to find out what it is. My job is to help you get there. Naturally, each of my client’s programs are individualized to their needs and wants, as long as their form looks good! Getting people moving and enjoying exercise is crucial to me, especially when most of their day is spent without a trainer.
Favorite exercise: Deadlifts! Your back and legs are what keep you moving.

Ryan Lilla

Major: Kinesiology: Movement Studies
Specialty: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing, and training for athletics.
Fitness philosophy: When you regularly attend the gym with like minded individuals you will develop a home away from home. Strong bonds will form when you're with the "Rec Fam" and you won’t be alone. Realize when you set a foot in the gym, you’re not the only one here trying to better yourself, rely on those around you for support. Personal growth and development (both physical and mental) is made outside of your comfort zone; that being said get ready to be uncomfortable.
Favorite exercise: Squats. The squat can be performed a million ways and there is no ONE way to do it, you have to find the way that your body is meant to squat in order to succeed!

Justin Manipis

Major: Kinesiology: Movement Studies; Sports psychology minor
Specialty: My roots are based in wrestling and focused on functional movements. However, I enjoy powerlifting, dabble in crossfit, and partake in bodybuilding from time to time as well. Variety is the spice of life.
Fitness philosophy: Fitness is all about respecting yourself. I believe strong body translates to a strong mind. Respecting your body and allowing it to move, train, and exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Not only does fitness allow us to respect ourselves but it teaches us to respect each other. Exercise brings people together and promotes healthy and positive environments where success is bred through encouragement and respect.
Favorite exercise: The overhead squat is currently my favorite movement as it requires full body mobility and challenges the upper body strength threshold as well as incorporating the posterior chain and lower body.

Josue Martinez

Major: Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy, BS
Specialty: My fitness journey started with wrestling, it’s here where I learned how important strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance were to enhance performance at any level. This encouraged me to become experienced in resistance training, circuit training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).
Fitness philosophy: I am all about progression and improving functional movement at any level. I believe we as humans are meant to enjoy movement, but must also be able to move well and efficiently. When strength, coordination, and flexibility are in balance, functional movement is the product. The beauty in fitness comes from being able to choose from so many different activities; becoming a master in the movements you most enjoy will build confidence.
Favorite exercise: My favorite exercise is currently the barbell front squat. The front squat requires a certain amount of core engagement to keep the spine neutral, challenges balance and overall can be a very demanding lift.

Annie McCall

Major: Kinesiology: Movement Studies; Pre-Nutrition
Specialty: Resistance Training, Prehabilitation (injury prevention), Circuit Training, HIIT.
Fitness philosophy: I am always utilizing new movements to further the athleticism and improve functionality for my clients. Training should be designed with your goals in mind and meaning behind every movement you do. I believe in training smart, intentional approach to training while also helping you understand how to properly fuel your body to best reach a goal. That being said, my personal philosophy is this: “Train smarter, train with intention, and don’t forget that what you put into your body DOES matter."
Favorite exercise: Deadlifts! When done properly, they are a great full-body exercise to improve posture, stability, and strength. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying to me than picking something very heavy up.

Elijah Turner

Major: Kinesiology: Health & Fitness
Specialty: Volleyball movement and weightlifting.
Fitness philosophy: I strongly believe that being successful in fitness and health is all about balance. I firmly believe in eating healthy and staying active, but also enjoy being lazy on the couch and eating a whole pizza to myself every now and then!
Favorite exercise: Currently my favorite exercise is the hexagon bar squat. It incorporates the entire body, creates a very strong base of support, and allows you to move the weight through the center of your body.

Client Information

Please complete this paperwork prior to your consultation with one of our personal trainers.


Personal training is priced by the number of hours you purchase at a time. Contact one of our trainers listed above by e-mail for more information and to get started.

Student Members Non-Student Members
1 Hour $25 1 Hour $35
3 Hours $75 3 Hours $105
6 Hours $130 6 Hours $180
10 Hours $200 10 Hours $250

For the best price, train with a friend and split the cost in half! (Available to students only)

If you have any questions about our personal training opportunities, please contact Ron Arnold at or (360) 650-4248.

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