Sport Clubs - Leadership Resources

Each Sport Club has a group of students within their team that makes up their selected leadership for every year. Some of these students are appointed, other teams elect these positions. This process is at the discretion of the each team. The following is a list of resources available for the members of leadership on each Sport Club team:

Roster and Schedule Forms

Your team roster and schedule will need to be updated several times throughout the year using the templates below. Use the “How to” forms to make sure to fill them out correctly. If your team has coaches they will need to fill out the two coaches forms below.

Most teams participating in competition beyond the regular season are required to get registration verification from the WWU Registrar’s Office. These forms must be turned in 3 business days prior to when they are needed. Some teams have required forms from their national governing organizations. It is important for each team to know what their organization requires for verification. If there is not a form like this within the sport, teams can use this form:

Requesting Facility Space

Teams must fill out facility request information for usage of facilities and field spaces on campus. This includes the Turf Field, Carver Field, Recreation Center and Carver Gym. Teams must turn in these forms prior to each quarter to insure they will reserve practice times. Teams also need to request facility space and fields for to host competitions. These forms must be turned in at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the competition.

Travel Forms

Teams need to travel to compete. If you not sure the appropriate steps needed to be approved for travel, please review this document:

Required travel forms:

Volunteering and Event Planning

All teams are required to complete volunteer or community service hours to represent their team. Requirements can be found in the Sport Club Handbook.

Sport Club End of Year Report

All teams must complete the End of Year Report prior to the End of Year presentations. Here is the template for that document:

Other Sport Club Resources

Campus Recreation Services supports and promotes the Sport Club program. Other campus departments are also available as resources for the student members of these teams. Here is a list of departments and the need that can help address for each Sport Club:

Campus Recreation Services: Administrative support with all aspects of the Sport Club teams. Assistance in management of finances, personnel and representatives of each sport outside the university. Other services provided by this department also include Nutritional counseling and Injury Rehabilitation.

Disability Services: Primary mission is to ensure equal access for students with disabilities to all curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered by Western Washington University.

Center for Service Learning: Resource for students to find volunteer opportunities for their teams.

Prevention & Wellness Services: For students to become actively involved in their own wellness, recognize the impact health has on personal and academic success, as well as on the community; and co-create a safe, social just campus for all identities.

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