Sport Clubs - Team Member Required Forms

Sport Club team members can find links to required forms, along with an explanation and instructions for each form, below:

Hold Harmless Agreement

If you are planning on participating in any sport club you are required to have a Hold Harmless Agreement filled out and turned into the Sport Club Office to have on file with the program prior to participation with the team. You are also required to turn in a Driver’s Authorization Form if you plan on driving for any Sport Club related activity. Along with the form must include a copy of a valid government issued Driver’s License. These forms along with the Hold Harmless Agreement must be turned into the Sport Club Office. Team members can bring in a copy or a copy can be made at the Sport Club Office.

Concussion Protocols

These forms cover the concussion assumption of risk that is required by all sport club participants.

Driver's Authorization Form

Required if a sport club member is using a private vehicle on behalf of Western.

Team Dues

All team members are required to pay team dues. Team dues are set by each Sport Club team and are required within the first two weeks of each quarter if designated by quarter. If designated as annual dues the fee must be paid by the fourth week of the quarter that the participating joins the team. Prorated dues are made available to participating members at the discretion of each team. Team members for each club are also expected to participate in fundraising and volunteer requirements for their team. This is a requirement for participation on any Sport Club team.

Fundraising Guidelines

Important information and helpful suggestions before you start fundraising for your Sport Club team.

Volunteer Requirements

Sport Club members are required to participate in a certain amount of community service each year. Plans for community service must be authorized before the event and these documents will help you get started.

National Team Fee

For any team qualifying for Nationals competition within their respective sport or discipline there is a national team fee payment required. For teams traveling by air the fee is $100, traveling by car or other transportation requires a $50 fee. This fee is to help offset costs for the team traveling to Nationals as the pool of money for national travel is limited.

Sport Club Handbook

For all other rules and guidelines for participation in the Sport Club program as a student-athlete please refer to the Sport Club Handbook.


Often team members pay for some costs related to the team upfront and need to request reimbursements from their team. These costs can be related to travel or other apparel and equipment for each team. All purchases for travel must be approved by the team’s leadership, and other payments for the club must be approved by the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs. All approved payments are eligible for reimbursement provided that the team’s account can support the costs. The following are sample forms for required for these reimbursements. Any reimbursement for travel must include the original receipts with dates that coincide with the approved travel dates on the Travel Authorization form. No receipts will be reimbursed if they are dated outside the approved travel dates. The only exception is prepaid flight costs. Any travel or other expenses under $75 are eligible for cash reimbursement. All other amounts are reimbursed by direct deposit, check or charged back to the student’s account.

Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness Report

In the event of an accidental injuries or occupational illness/exposure, this form will need to be completed within 24 hours.

Page Updated 11.22.2017