Sport Clubs - Important Resources and Documents

Sport club team members can find important resources and documents for their team below:

Club Resources

Sport Club Office Location

  • Wade King Student Recreation Center, Room 147 - Across from the MAC Gym

Office Contacts

Important Documents

Required Member Forms

If you are planning on participating in any sport club you are required to have a Hold Harmless Agreement filled out and turned in to the Sport Clubs Office.  If you will be driving to any events make sure to fill out and turn in the Authorized Driver Forms.  A copy of your driver’s license is required with this paperwork.  A copy can be made in the Sport Clubs Office.

Roster and Schedule Forms

Your team roster and schedule will need to be updated several times throughout the year using the templates below. Use the “How to” forms to make sure to fill them out correctly. If your team has coaches they will need to fill out the two coaches forms below.

Travel Forms

Going on a trip? If you are not sure where to begin or what paperwork is needed, follow the directions in the document below:

Required travel forms

Optional travel forms

Volunteering and Event Planning

Miscellaneous Forms and Documents

Sport Club Reports

Page Updated 10.02.2012