Health and Wellness

The objective of the Health and Wellness team is to provide information, opportunities and support to promote positive health behaviors in students, faculty and staff at Western Washington University.

A core belief of the Health and Wellness team is that well-being is influenced by how healthy individuals are in each of the six dimensions of wellness: physical health, social health, intellectual health, emotional health, environmental health and spiritual health.  This PowerPoint presentation can help you further understand the six dimensions of wellness.

At the Student Recreation Center, we offer the services of a registered dietitian and injury rehabilitation specialist to help maximize your health and wellness.

We have a weight neutral approach to health. For more information, check out Health at Every Size.


WWU Dietitian Sarah RicheyPrivate, confidential nutrition and diet consultations are available through our staff registered dietitian, Sarah Richey. To schedule an appointment, please call Sarah at (360) 650-6254.

Sarah Richey, CD, RD, is a Registered Dietitian certified through the American Diabetic Association.  She specializes in nutrition counseling for prevention and recovery from eating disorders. Sarah counsels WWU students individually and teaches group classes on nutrition. We invite you to connect with Sarah on the WWU Registered Dietitian Facebook Page!

Please note that Sarah is currently out of the office on leave until May. Please utilize the following wellness resources during her absence:

NuFit Workshops

NuFit is a weekly informative workshop on nutrition, fitness, and health topics. It takes place on Mondays during the school year (excluding holidays) from 4-5pm in the conference room on the second floor of Student Recreation Center. These workshops are free and no appointment is necessary.

Each workshop will discuss hot topics in the health and fitness industry in a welcoming environment. It's informative, you'll meet our health and fitness staff, and there will be free food!

Our NuFit workshop schedule for Winter Quarter will be posted here soon. Check out videos of previous NuFit sessions here:

First Step

The First Step program is offered to Student Recreation Center members who are interested in getting more movement in their lives. It focuses on individualized movement goals and overcoming barriers to starting and continuing a movement program. First Step takes a weight neutral approach to exercise, our focus is on healthy and sustainable movement.

Each participant will be taken through an assessment by a Clinical Personal Trainer who specializes in movement analysis. Participants will receive three activity sessions with the Clinical Personal Trainer. Programs will start with basic exercises that assist individuals in making movement easier and more enjoyable.

Once they have completed their three sessions, students may choose to continue independently, with others in the program, or with a Personal Trainer at the advertised rate.

Here is a short video which indroduces the benefits of the First Step program:

Other benefits of the First Step program:

  • Everyone is welcome to First Step's Wednesday Activities!
  • Student participants will also be connected to other campus resources as interested.

First Step Wednesday Activities are free and open to everyone! To participate, meet outside the Injury Rehabilitation Room inside the Student Recreation Center at 4pm on Wednesdays.

To get started with the First Step program, first click here to complete a short questionnaire.

To schedule a movement assessment, e-mail Alex Farley AT/L or give her a call at (360) 650-2781. You can also connect with the program on the First Step Facebook Page.

Injury Rehabilitation

Lori deKubber

Students with injuries may see Lori deKubber MEd., AT/L for rehabilitation through referral from the Student Health Center. Injury rehabilitation is designed to assist students in recovering from injury through the use of exercise, manual therapies and modalities. Attention is also given to identifying underling causes of injury to prevent re-injury and to enable students to function optimally.

Here are the steps to take in order to use our injury rehabilitation services:

  1. Get an appointment with the Student Health Center.
  2. If the Provider deems necessary, a referral note will be written for injury rehabilitation.
  3. Once students have a referral, they can call the Student Recreation Center receptionist at (360) 650-3766 to schedule an appointment with Lori for rehabilitation.
About Lori

Lori deKubber MEd., AT/L is a Certified Athletic Trainer who specializes in injury rehabilitation and health education. She has been working with students at WWU since 1990. She has a B.S. in Community Health, a Masters in Sport Psychology and NATA certification in Athletic Training.

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