Economic Leadership Forum

When: November 19-22, 2014
Where: Hyatt at Olive 8
Seattle, WA
Info: The Economic Leadership Forum provides an opportunity for local, state, and provincial leaders in both the public and private sectors to carry out in-depth, focused discussions on key subjects effecting our regional economy. Leaders from throughout the U.S. states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, and the Canadian provinces/territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Yukon and Northwest Territories will be in attendance tackling the policy matters that drive the economic strength of the region.
More information is available at the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region's event page.

Border Policy Research Institute: 2014 Fall Quarter Colloquium Series

  • The Thin Green Line
    Eric de Place, Policy Director at Sightline Institute
    Wednesday, October 1st, 12:00-1:20
    Fairhaven College Auditorium

  • Future Bilateral Trade Scenarios and Their Implications For Border Infrastructure
    Dr. Steven Globerman, Kaiser Professor of International Business
    Friday, November 7th, 12:00-1:00
    Canada House

  • Resilient Economy, Resilient Communities
    WA State Representative Gael Tarleton
    Monday, November 17th, 12:00-1:00
    Arntzen Hall 100

CIC Victoria: "The Pacific Northwest Gateway to Asia: Trade, Energy and Managing Environmental Challenges"

When: October 28th, 2014
Where: The Union Club of British Columbia, 805 Gordon Street
Victoria, BC
Info: This conference will explore the potential for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (primarily British Columbia, Alberta, Washington State and Alaska) to expand its profile and role as an integrated regional gateway to and from Asia in light of new trade and investment opportunities resulting from the expected conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade agreements, and the growing Asian demand for energy. It will also examine and make recommendations as to how the region can take advantage of growing trade opportunities in energy, commodities and other products while managing the environmental challenges associated with a significant increase in economic activity.
More information is available at the CIC events page.

North America in the Global Economy: Cooperation Maximizing Competitiveness

When: October 23th, 2014
Where: World Trade Center
Seattle, WA
Info: Join the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle, in partnership with the Consulate of Mexico and U.S. Department of Commerce, for a half-day forum noting the success of the North American Free Trade Agreement 20 years after its adoption and highlighting some key opportunities where Canada, the U.S. and Mexico can work together to strengthen the competitive position of the North American economic block in the coming years.
More information and online registration is available at the event's registration page.

World Issues Forum: Anna Hoover - Unangan Artist and Community Builder

When: October 15th, 2014
Where: Fairhaven College Auditorium, WWU
Info: Some of the most brilliant cultures of the world were ahead of their colonizers’ time; and only now, hundreds of years later, are being recognized for their visionary insight into the ways of survival as they pertain to the future of this world. As indigenous peoples, we must recognize the role our creative leaders play in identifying and interpreting daily history, in embracing creative solutions to the most serious challenges and in producing visual artifacts that tell our stories.

Beyond NAFTA: Streamlining the Border to Strengthen North American Competitiveness

When: May 15th, 2014
Where: VU 565, WWU
Info: NAFTA at age 20 has sparked new interest in how our economic competitiveness depends on the efficient movement of goods and people across our continental borders. This symposium will bring leaders from various fields to discuss new ideas related to gateway mobility, and the associated benefits to cross-border economies.
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Canadian-American Archival Conference

When: April 17th, 2014
Where: VU 462, WWU
Info: The first annual Canadian-American Archival Conference
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Children of Air India

When: March 10, 2014
Where: Library Presentation Room, Wilson Library, WWU
Info: Poetry reading and Reflection

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Le Pique-Nique

When: Friday, December 6, 2013
12:20 pm - 1:30 pm
Where: Fraser Hall 4, WWU
Info: Admission is Free!

A satirical, one-act play from New Brunswick, Canada.
A bilingual, friendly squabble on identity and its ties to geography, language, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.

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Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun columnist, to speak on:
"What’s happening in British Columbia? Should it Matter to US?"

When: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
12:20 pm - 1:30 pm
Where: Northwood Hall
3240 Northwest Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225
Info: The Bellingham City Club is very pleased to welcome back Vaughn Palmer, The Vancouver Sun’s award winning political affairs columnist. Mr. Palmer will share his views on an extensive range of issues affecting British Columbia and Canada, including the recent provincial election, the Premier’s mandate, the continuing battle over pipelines, and whether or not British Columbia should become a BANANA (“Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody”) Republic. As always, he will be informative, interesting and entertaining.

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Join us to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving!

When: Monday, October 14, 2013
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: Canada House, WWU
Info: Join us for an evening of good food and fun as we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on Thursday, October 14, 2013. Admission is free!

Hosted by Club Canada and the Center for Canadian-American Studies
Questions? Contact Chuck Hart at

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Fall 2013 Border Colloquium Series

  • Passenger Vehicle Intercept Survey: Methodology & Results
    Kathlleen Mintz, Susannah Edwards & Ian Faulds
    Thursday, October 3, 12:15 PM, Canada House

  • Immigration Reform and the Border Buildup
    Edward Alden
    Wednesday, October 16, 12:15 PM, Bond Hall 103

  • Canadian Pipeline Politics
    David Rossiter, Ph.D.
    Thursday, November 7, 12:15 PM, Canada House

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Cross-Border Expo & Weekend Getaway

When: Thursday, June 6, 2013
2:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: Ferndale, WA
Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa
Event Center
Info: The Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa present the first annual Cross-Border Expo. This event will showcase over 60 exhibitors and fea- ture two educational sessions aimed at "Cross-Border Business, Marketing and Distri- bution" and "Cross-Border Real Estate Investment".

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Seattle International Film Festival

When: May 29 - June 9, 2013
Where: Various Theaters in Seattle, WA
Info: The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), held annually in Seattle, Washington since 1976, is among the top film festivals in North America. Audiences have grown steadily and the festival features a diverse assortment of predominantly independent and foreign films and, in recent years, a strong contingent of documentaries. See some of the Canadian movie viewings!

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"Welcome to Homerica": The Representation of Immigration Issues and the U.S.-Mexico Border Fence in
American Animated Television Series
Julie Dufort, Ph.D

When: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
12:00pm - 1:20pm
Where: Fairhaven College Auditorium
Info: Julie is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science and a research fellow at the Center for United States Studies at the Raoul Dandurand Chair of Strategic and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Québec at Montréal. Her research focuses on Québec-U.S. relations, border issues and immigration politics in the United States, representations of politics in American popular culture (with an emphasis on political humor) as well as the proliferation of walls and fences in international relations.

"Aboriginal Land Claims and the Politics of a Pipeline"
David Rossiter, Ph.D

When: Thursday, May 16, 2013
Where: WWU Biology Building 212
Info: The presentation is free and open to the public. It will include a question-and-answer period.

Rossiter argues that the discourse concerning the Northern Gateway proposal effectively downplays the question of aboriginal title and the federal government's obligation to resolve the issue. Recent court decisions have placed natural resource development inextricably in the context of the unresolved legal question of the existence of aboriginal title in British Columbia.

Rossiter received his doctorate in Geography in 2005 from York University in Toronto, Canada. He is currently in working on a multi-year research project investigating historical geographies of nature and recreation in the mountainous North Shore region of Vancouver, B.C.

The speaker series is held by Western's Huxley College of the Environment to bring together the environmentally minded community and other interested members of the Western and Bellingham communities. Speakers address topics of contemporary environmental concern in the region and the world.

For more information, please contact the Huxley College of the Environment, at (360)650-3520.

"Is Political Change Coming in British Columbia and Alberta? What Voters Want Next"
Sam Armstrong

When: Tuesday, May 14, 2013
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Where: Viking Union 567, WWU
Info: The College of Business and Economics is pleased to welcome Sam Armstrong, President of Riverhead Strategies who will be giving a presentation titled: "Is Political Change Coming in British Columbia and Alberta? What Voters Want Next"

Open to all students and the public. Space is limited.

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Spring Video-Lecture Series with Quebec Policy Officials

The Center for Canadian-American Studies has organized 5 videoconferences on Québec politics and Québec-U.S. Relations during Spring Quarter 2013. These videoconferences are part of the course “Québec Politics and US Relations,” taught by Visiting Professor of Québec Studies, Julie Dufort. The conferences are open to the community on space-available basis.

For more information, please email Chuck Hart.

Québec Sovereignty Movement: Is Separatism Dying?
April 25 (10 - 11:50am)
Location: Arntzen Hall (AH) 421

2012 Québec Students Protests
May 7 (10 - 11:50am)
Location: Communications Facility (CF) 225

First Nations and Québec Politics
May 9 (10 - 11:50am)
Location: Arntzen Hall (AH) 421

Contemporary Québec-U.S. Diplomatic Relations
May 21 (10 - 11:50am)
Location: Arntzen Hall (AH) 421

Antiamericanism in Québec: From George W. Bush until Today
May 28 (10 - 11:50am)
Location: Arntzen Hall (AH) 421

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"Time is Running Out: Ecology or Economics?"
David Suzuki

When: Wednesday, May 6, 2013
12:00 PM
Where: Performing Arts Center Concert Hall, WWU
Info: Suzuki is best known for his work as a radio and television host dealing with natural sciences in an easy to understand way, and has won numerous awards throughout his career in broadcasting. He has also received 25 honorary degrees from institutions in the United States, Canada and Australia and written 52 books, 19 of which are children’s books. He also a co-author of “An Introduction to Genetic Analysis,” one of the most widely used textbooks on Genetics in the United States.

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U.S. Department of State Internships and Foreign Officer Careers

When: Wednesday, May 1, 2013
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Where: Haggard Hall Room 153
Info: Have you considered a career or internship in diplomacy, international economics, cultural exchange, global environmental initiatives, and more? Are you wondering how you can break into the field? Do you have questions about the application process?

Join Mr. Paul Stephenson for an informative, lively session to learn about opportunities with the U.S. State Department. Mr. Stephenson brings a wealth of experience and served as Counselor of Embassy in Copenhagen, Consul in Hong Kong, and Deputy Consul General in Shenyang, China.

All majors welcome, foreign language study not required but is highly desired.

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Climate Change in North America: A Québec View

When: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Where: Miller Hall 139
Info: This talk is presented by Jean-Stephane Bernard, Assistant Deputy Minister for Bilateral Relations Government of Québec and Alain Houde, Québec Government Representative Québec Government Office, Los Angeles.

For more information contact

"War Witch"

When: Monday April 29, 2013
Where: Pickford Film Center
Info: "War Witch" is an Oscar nominated film for "Best Foreign Language Film of the Year", and is presented by The Center for Canadian-American Studies and the Québec Government Office, LA.

Twelve-year-old Komona (played with remarkable self-possession by first-time actor Rachel Mwanza) living in sub-Saharan Africa is kidnapped and forced to become a child soldier--and that is just the beginning of the horrors she endures. Spirit unbroken, she is the big heart and soul of this Oscar-nominated movie.

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"The Best Bad Idea: The True Story of Argo"
Mark Lijek

When: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Where: Bellingham City Club
Northwood Hall
3240 Northwest Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225
Info: Mark Lijek will join the Bellingham City Club to share his perspective on the events portrayed in the movie Argo. Mark has unique insight into this topic as he was a guest of the Canadian Embassy during the Tehran hostage crisis. Mark Lijek is a retired Foreign Service officer who grew up in Seattle and went to Seattle Preparatory School before attending the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He also holds an MBA from American University. He is the author of The Houseguests: A Memoir of Canadian Courage and CIA Sorcery, as well as a minor consultant to the Hollywood hit film Argo. He wrote his memoir in large part because, after reading an early script of Argo, he realized the movie was unlikely to give adequate credit to the Canadian embassy team he believes saved him and his wife Cora from becoming hostages. Following his abbreviated tour in Tehran, Lijek served in Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Warsaw and Frankfurt as well as in several Departmental assignments prior to his retirement. He and Cora now live in Anacortes.

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"Humane Migration vs. Inhumane Borders: An Anthropological Clash"
Hannah Stone & James Loucky

When: Thursday, February 26, 2013
Where: Canada House, Bellingham, WA
Info: Dr. Steve Globerman will discuss the results of research related to trade specialization in our regional borderlands setting.

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"Canada's Arctic Strategy in a Changing Circumpolar World"
Joël Plouffe

When: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Where: Bellingham, WA
Info: "Joël Plouffe gives a talk to the Can/Am 200, Intro to Canadian Studies class on "Canada's Arctic Strategy in a Changing Circumpolar World".

Joël Plouffe: Arctic Council, Circumpolar Governance, Environmental Cooperation Joël Plouffe, l’Université du Québec à Montréal, U.W. Québec Visiting Professor for 2012-13 was interviewed by Exploring Geopolitics in January for all his achievements and efforts concerning the Arctic.

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Join Us for the Annual Taste of Canada

When: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
5:30 - 7:00pm
Where: Canada House, Bellingham, WA
Info: Join us for an evening of good food and fun at the annual Taste of Canada. Admission is Free!

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"9/11, Border Thickening, and Changes in Bilateral Trade"
Dr. Steve Globerman

When: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Where: Communications Facility Room 314, Bellingham, WA
Info: Dr. Steve Globerman will discuss the results of research related to trade specialization in our regional borderlands setting.

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"Educating Smart Borders: What are Governments Learning about Successive Border Initiatives"
Chris Sands

When: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Where: Canada House, Bellingham, WA
Info: Dr. Sands will be presenting a talk on "Educating Smart Borders: What are Governments learning about successive border initiatives".

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92nd Annual National Council for the Social Studies Conference

NCSS Seattle
When: Wednesday, Nov 16 - 18, 2012
Where: Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA
Info: Join thousands of your social studies colleagues in the Emerald City this fall for the world's largest and most comprehensive professional development conference. With more than 500 content-rich sessions covering all subjects and grade levels, a lineup of renowned speakers and education experts, more than 150 exhibiting organizations displaying the latest in educational resources, and the opportunity to share the most current knowledge, ideas, research, and expertise in social studies education, the 92nd NCSS Annual Conference in Seattle is where all social studies educators should be.

Click here to view or download the "Canada at NCSS 2012" schedule so that you can also see the many professional development opportunities available at the conference. The National Resource Centers on Canada look forward to meeting you there! Be sure to drop by our exhibit booth (#434) in International Alley on the 4th floor of the convention center.

To learn more and to register for the conference, visit

Indigenous Peoples Food Systems - An International Public Health Context

When: Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012
Where: Fairhaven College Auditorium
Info: Harriet Kuhnlein is a nutritionist and Founding Director of the Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE) and Professor Emerita of Human Nutrition at McGill University. Dr. Kuhnlein directs a Global Health Research initiative that received primary funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Twelve cultures of Indigenous Peoples in different parts of the world are involved in this project. The overall intent of the initiative is to provide evidence that biodiversity inherent in traditional food resources of Indigenous Peoples fosters food security and good health and should be environmentally protected. She has served as a member of the Advisory Board for CIHR - Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes, and with the Executive of the Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research. Dr. Kuhnlein chairs the Task Force on Traditional, Indigenous and Cultural Food and Nutrition of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences.

Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Leadership Forum

When: Tuesday, Nov 14 - 17, 2012
Where: Coeur d'Alene, ID & Ottawa and Washington, DC
Info: Don Alper will be co-chairing and presenting at PNWER's Border Working Group on Thursday Morning, November 15 in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Christopher Sands, WWU Ross Professor of Canada-US Business and Economic Relations, will be presenting along with government leaders from Ottawa and Washington, DC. Stakeholders from industry and legislators from northwest states and western provinces will explore future directions for border policy to better facilitate cross border commerce and movement of people.

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Diplomatic Perspectives on the Value of Study Abroad

NCSS Seattle
When: Wednesday, Nov 13, 2012
3:00 - 4:30pm
Where: Viking Union 552, Bellingham, WA
Info: Join us on November 13, 2012 for a conversation about the value of international education and foreign study exchanges with two diplomats from the US and Canadian governments. Our speakers, Jeanne Briganti and Kevin Cook, will discuss the importance of international education in enriching your college experience and preparing you for international careers involving working abroad or living stateside and working with international organizations.

Jeanne Briganti, Public Affairs Office, U.S. Consulate General, Vancouver.
Kevin Cook, Senior Political, Economic and Academic Officer, Consulate General of Canada, Seattle.

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FAST But Not Furious: Shortening Wait Times at the US-Canadian Border

Mark Springer Photo
When: Thursday, Nov 1, 2012
Where: Canada House, Bellingham, WA
Info: Speaker Mark Springer, Ph.D. Department of Decision Sciences at Western Washington University will be speaking about wait times at the US-Canadian Border.

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Beyond the Border: Making the Action Plan Work for You

When: Tuesday, Oct 24, 2012
7:30am - 2:00pm
Where: Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, BC
Info: The Border Policy Research Institute is assisting the Vancouver Board of Trade with this event.

Keynote Breakfast Speaker:
Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C.
Morning Panel 1:
The Beyond the Border Action Plan: How will it improve the border?
Morning Panel 2:
Border Impacts in the Washington-British Columbia Region
Keynote Luncheon Speaker:
John Manley, president and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Followed by a policy discussion among stakeholders to discuss future actions to improve the border

Chuckanut Radio Hour with Special Guests Brian Calvert & Chris Cannon

When: Monday, Oct 23, 2012
Where: Crystal Ballroom of the Leopold Retirement Residence, Bellingham, WA
Info: Tickets for the Chuckanut Radio Hour are $5 and are available at and will soon be available at Village Books. Doors open at 6:30pm, and you must be seated by 6:45pm as the show begins promptly at 7pm. Co-sponsored by the Leopold Retirement Residence, 12th Street Shoes, Fairhaven Pizza, and the Fairhaven Village Inn.

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Washington to Washington: Perspectives on the Fall 2012 Elections and Canadian-American Relations

When: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012
11:30am - 2:00pm
Where: Viking Union 565, WWU
Info: This by-invitation seminar luncheon, the sixth in a series of "town-gown" programs focusing on timely Canada-US issues, will examine perspectives on the impact of the fall 2012 elections on Canadian-American relations. The welcome address will be by Don Alper, and briefings by Christopher Sands, Ross Professor, WWU; Vaughn Palmer, Political Columnist, Vancouver Sun; and Joel Connelly, Political Columnist,

For more information contact

Symposium on Cross-Border Marine Science and Policy

When: Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012
9:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Viking Union 565, WWU
Info: We are pleased to host this first ever symposium featuring the scientists and policy makers of the Puget Sound partnership and their Canadian counterparts. This one-day symposium is designed to foster communication with the goal of restoration and long term management of the Salish Sea.

For more information contact

Past Events

VU Gallery: Beyond Borders

When: On display until Friday, May 25, 2012
Mon - Fri, 11am - 5pm
Where: VU Gallery (VU 507)
Info: The title, "Beyond Borders" exempifies our dedication to encourage communication across community, national, international and social borders. The title also serves to remind viewers and participants that art has the power to transcend all boundaries.

Presentation by Thomas Collombat:
“The Labor Movement in North America: Challenges and Opportunities in a Time of Crisis.”

Thomas Collambat Photo
When: Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Where: Bellingham City Club
Info: For more information contact the Bellingham City Club

Jours du Québec (Québec Days) at WWU

Frédéric Tremblay
When: Tuesday, May 15 - 16, 2012
Where: Western Washington University
Info: The Center for Canadian-American Studies is pleased to host Mr. Frédéric Tremblay, Director for Governmental Relations and Public Affairs at the Québec Government Office in Los Angeles, CA for Québec Days (Jours du Québec).

Frédéric is Director of Governmental Relations and Public Affairs at the Quebec Delegation in Los Angeles since January 2012. Before his recent posting in the United States, Frederic served with the North America Division of the Quebec Ministry of International Relations from 2006 to 2011. He began his career in Québec’s civil service in 2002. Frederic holds a master degree in Political Science from University of Montreal and a diploma in Public Management from the Quebec University of Public Administration.

Mr Tremblay will speak in several classes while at WWU, have lunch with students and speak about study opportunities in Québec. He will also meet with faculty, students and community members at a reception held to honor the Government of Québec's relationship with the Center for Canadian-American Studies and WWU.

For more information, contact Chuck Hart at Chuck Hart

Presentation by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly: “Borders, Boundaries and Frontiers in the 21st Century”

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly Photo
When: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 12:00am - 1:20pm
Where: Fairhaven College Auditorium
Info: From Hadrian’s wall in Roman England and the Great Wall of China, to walls on the US/ Mexico border as well as in Jerusalem, Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly asks why build walls and how human communities border themselves. He will discuss what borders, borderlands, boundaries and frontiers are, and how these words help us understand contemporary issues such as the US/Mexico wall, the Canada/US Beyond the Border dialogue, or the European Schengen Agreement and the idea of a ‘fortress Europe’. Taking examples from around the world, this presentation asks if borders are vanishing and if there are new ways of understanding borders.

Monsieur Lazhar: Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly Photo
When: Friday, May 4, 2012
Where: Pickford Theater
Info: Monsieur Lazhar, an Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film (Canada), comes to the Pickford Theater.

For more information and show times contact the Pickford Theater

The Edge of America: Writing the Edge in the Pacific Northwest

A presentation by Katherine Roberts

Canadian-American Studies Center
When Thursday, Nov 10, 2011, 12:00pm
Where College Hall 131, WWU
More Info: For more information contact Chuck Hart by email at

This presentation will examine how fiction by David Guterson (East of the Mountains (1999), The Other (2008) and Anne Dillard (The Living, (1992)) portrays region, nature and community in the Pacific Northwest. To what extent is this region experienced by these authors and their characters as a marginal/borderland space (at the edge of America), or as one embedded in a Cascadian regional cross-border awareness? How do this literature contribute (if at all) to the debate on the emergence of a socio-economic cross-border region on the West Coast?

Newly appointed US Consul General in Vancouver to speak to WWU students about Canada-US relations

Canadian-American Studies Center
When Wednesday, Nov 8, 2011, 10:00am
Where Haggard Hall 353, WWU
More Info: For more information contact Chuck Hart by email at

Anne Callaghan is a career senior Foreign Service officer with the U.S. State Department, with the personal rank of Minister Counselor. Before her assignment as Consul General in Vancouver, she was posted in southeastern Iraq, overseeing the Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team in its last year of operation. Ms. Callaghan has also served as Minister Counselor for Public Affairs in Rome, Italy, where she directed public diplomacy for the U.S. Embassy and three Consulates General (2006-2009); and as Counselor for Public Affairs in Bogota, Colombia (2004-2006). Her last Washington, D.C. tour was in the senior assignments division of the Bureau of Human Resources (2009-2010).

Ms. Callaghan joined the Foreign Service with the U.S. Information Agency in 1984. After a rotational tour in Mexico City, Mexico, she opened the first public affairs office in Tijuana (1986-1990) and was responsible for public diplomacy for the six U.S.-Mexico border consulates. She then served two tours in East Asia as Public Affairs Officer in Perth, Australia (1990-1992) and as an Assistant Press Attache and Deputy Cultural Attache in Tokyo, Japan (1992-1997). Following a year of graduate study at the National War College, Anne worked in Washington, D.C., in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs as the public diplomacy desk officer for Canada, Mexico, and Cuba (1998-2000). In 2000, she moved to Rome, Italy as Cultural Attache (2000-2004).

Prior to entering the Foreign Service, Ms. Callaghan worked at the Center for Research in International Studies at Stanford University. A native of New Jersey, she received her undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies from Colby College (Maine) and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan School of Library and Information Science and the National War College. She speaks Japanese, Spanish, and Italian, and is the recipient of U.S. State Department Superior Honor and Meritorious Honor awards and the Department of the Army Superior Civilian Service award.

Preston Schiller, Specialist on Canada-US Transportation issues, will present the 2nd Fall 2001 Border Colloquium

Canadian-American Studies Center

Prestion schiller is Adjunct Faculty in Canadian-American Studies at WWU and Visiting Lecturer, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen's University, Kingston Ohio

When Thursday, Nov 3, 2011, 12:00pm
Where College Hall 131, WWU
More Info: For more information contact Chuck Hart by email at

To the casual eye many Canadian urban areas appear similar to their U.S. counterparts: congested roads, suburban sprawl, and many struggling urban cores. Comparative analysis reveals a few similarities and many significant differences in terms of urban densities, amounts of individual driving, rates of car ownership, walking and transit use. Transportation policies at the federal levels of each county are vastly different. Examples, including comparison of "Cascadian Cities" Vancouver, Seattle and Portland as well as brief explorations of several other areas of similarity and contrast, such as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's "stop the war against cars" demagoguery will be offered.

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